Recruitment ‘disruptors’ XRecruiter named Brisbane start-up of the year at young entrepreneur awards

Two young entrepreneurs on a mission to revoIutionise the recruitment industry have been recognised for their innovative approach through their venture – XRecruiter – being crowned Start-up of the Year at the 2023 Brisbane Young Entrepreneur Awards.

Declan Kluver and Blake Thompson both owned more recruitment companies when the pandemic hit. Taking the challenges it presented to their industry head – a wane in opportunities as people stayed at home and soaring competition for the roles that were still being advertised – they set out to disrupt recruitment through coming together to launch XRecruiter. They launched a podcast, Confessions of a Recruiter, which quickly became one of the country’s fastest-growing, by creating a platform for candid discussions and the sharing of insights about the industry. The pair are going a step further with this initiative by hosting a Confessions LIVE! networking event in October.

Launched in August 2022, XRecruiter is a ‘white label’ office solution for individuals wanting to start their own recruitment agency. The back office covers every aspect of starting and running a recruitment company from branding, marketing, website setup, administration, allowing exclusive access to their premium database, and providing ongoing support.

Kluver (pictured, left) and Thompson (pictured, right) aim to empower the creation of 100 new recruitment agencies by 2025, assisted by an Export Market Development grant and a Research and Development grant they were given in recognition of their innovation in the spheres of business and software development.

The duo consider their gong at the 2023 Brisbane Young Entrepreneur Awards as just the beginning of a journey that promises to “redefine an entire industry and inspire others to pursue audacious dreams”.