Reckitt launches B2B program Dettol® Pro Solutions for Australian businesses

With borders gearing up to once again open up to international tourists, temporary visa holders and students once more, concern amongst Australian communities around the transmission of germs is at an all-time high.

Increased foot traffic within public transport, hospitality venues and workplaces poses businesses with an ongoing challenge to protect staff and customers from the spread of germs.

Off the back of a successful launch in the US and the UK where it was the official hygiene partner for the UN’s Global Climate Conference Cop26, Reckitt has now launched Dettol Pro Solutions in Australia. Dettol Pro Solutions is Reckitt’s business-to-business offering that provides companies of all shapes and sizes with hygiene solutions and the same Dettol products but now for businesses to protect customers and employees.

“For generations of Australians, Dettol has been entrusted with helping provide protection against germs inside of the home,” David Rankine, Regional Director of Reckitt Health, Australia & New Zealand, said. “With Dettol Pro Solutions, we are able to extend that commitment to accompany them as they go about their daily lives against the backdrop of one of the toughest times in modern history.”

With Australians venturing out and about once more, there is an increased demand for businesses to take on the role of protecting the community, with staff and customers alike demanding higher standards of hygiene and cleaning in shared spaces such as workplaces, hospitality venues, educational facilities, event spaces, in retail locations and more.

According to Reckitt, among Australian consumers, 78 per cent* are still concerned about germs. However, international research demonstrates that 85 per cent of businesses overseas believe that having the right products and processes for cleaning and disinfection is one of their most important job responsibilities, yet, 70 per cent do not have any specific expertise in this area.**

To address these concerns, the targeted cleaning and disinfection measures developed by Dettol Pro Solutions take into consideration how customers move and interact within a business or venue, focusing on germ-hot spot areas within those locations. It then produces enhanced protocols and delivers training for staff on when, how, and what products should be used to clean and disinfect.

Having already successfully provided hygiene solution packages for high-profile businesses across Australia, including Cricket Australia, the MCG and the Sydney Opera House, Hilton and shopping centres operated by Australian property group Mirvac, Dettol Pro Solutions is keen to continue to empower businesses across all industries to take the appropriate hygiene measures to protect their staff and customers. Notably, 68 per cent of Australians are more likely to be confident in the level of hygiene of a business if they use Dettol which increases to 81 per cent amongst those who are ‘hygiene driven’ when making decisions to visit a business.***

By recognising the need to restore consumer confidence in workplaces — as well as travel, hospitality and leisure spaces — Dettol Pro Solutions’ main focus is to enhance hygiene for businesses across all sectors, allowing Australians to feel confident about enjoying newfound freedoms once more in the lead up to the busy retail, travel and holiday period.

For more information on Dettol Pro Solutions and to inquire about joining the program, head to Winc.

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