Q&A: The baby brand growing up fast thanks to Amazon and a global outlook

Today we talk to entrepreneurial couple Elijah and Angela Kim, founders of baby care brand Bubzi Co. Established in 2016, the brand has achieved exponential growth in a short period despite the challenges posed funding difficulties. This success is apparent on Amazon where Bubzi is among the top third-party seller. Bubzi has also expanded beyond Australia, with its products reaching the US, Canada, and Europe.

ISB: What inspired you to hone in the baby products market with Bubzi?

E&AK: As new parents, we noticed products we purchased were low in quality and expensive and research showed us that many millennial parents purchased their baby products from Amazon. We seized this opportunity and created Bubzi Co in 2016 to help busy millennial parents prepare for their new baby by offering high-quality baby products, available to purchase conveniently online.

ISB: How has the business managed to grow despite the difficulties of securing financing or getting external investors?

E&AK: Securing funding is has been challenging, despite the fact that we are a profitable, cashflow positive business. To combat this, we’ve funded our business by re-investing profits, selling a property and taking out high-interest short term loans. The silver lining is that we have 100 per cent ownership of our business.

ISB: What makes Bubzi’s products stand out in a competitive baby products market?

E&AK: As Amazon marketing experts, we are able to utilise data analytics to design products based on proven demand and with features we know customers are looking for. Our products are designed to bring joy to the repetitive routine of looking after a baby every day. This is expressed in ways such as bright and adorable designs, easy and clear instructions, as well as outstanding customer service. For example, we offer a lifetime warranty on all our products.

ISB: What is the most challenging aspect of being in the Amazon marketplace and how does Bubzi remain competitive there?

E&AK: By understanding the Amazon algorithm, we utilise a range of different marketing strategies to remain competitive and ensure our products rank on the first page. Reviews are incredibly important on Amazon so we are always working hard to optimise our product quality which then leads to good reviews. Also on Amazon, you need to be in stock at all times, especially for our best-selling products as the keyword ranking can be lost if you’re out of stock for weeks. With COVID delaying supply chains, maintaining inventory levels has been a challenge that we’ve had to overcome by ordering more stock in advance and utilising alternative shipping methods.

ISB: What is your vision for Bubzi in the next two years?

E&AK: Our mission is to help new parents feel safe, confident and happy in the monumental life change that is parenthood. For us that means being in more retailers and more platforms, launching more products and making sure we offer all of the solutions that make parents feel confident to take care of their new baby. In order to help as many parents as possible, our goal is for Bubzi Co to be a well-known household brand worldwide. We also plan to continue to support our charity partners – Postpartum Support International, and B1G1 Business, to assist new parents globally.

ISB: As a serial entrepreneur who experienced both the highs and the lows, what has been the most important lesson you’ve learned that other entrepreneurs should learn as well?

E&AK: It’s a long-term journey, you need to think five-10 years ahead and be prepared to reinvest all profits for multiple years. It’s important to have a great brand, high-quality products and long term funding to keep growing. Every revenue level reveals another type of challenge and the majority of first-time entrepreneurs don’t know this until it’s too late.  You will get setbacks but don’t give up because when there’s a will, there’s a way.