New start-up making munching much healthier

A brand new Melbourne-based start-up – Munched – is setting out to help families make healthier lunch and snack choices through offering high-quality, affordable Silicone food boxes that allow the safe and convenient storage and carrying of home-cooked meals for school lunches, work lunches and days out.

Munched offering includes lunch boxes, Bento boxes, kids’ plates and water bottles, feeding sets for babies and toddlers.    

Launched just a month, founder Lindsay Van Rooyen’s ethos was to create healthier meal options for her family, and by starting the business plenty of other families, too.

“We are all about quality, affordable Silicone products made with care to make your life easier,” Lindsay (pictured) explained. “Being a working mum, I understand how hectic life can be and how easy it is to reach out for instant and ultra-processed foods. But, let’s be real, our food choices and packaging choices can help make our families healthier and the world better for the future. So, why not set good habit, and examples, to prepare fresh food and reduce plastic use, and improve our eating habits every day?

“Every time I get happy notes from customers, it makes me feel awesome and proud we’re doing our bit to help families make healthy choices and help the environment, too,” Lindsay added.

Lindsay worked hard to find a supplier who’s products are certified 100 per cent food-grade Silicone and completely plastic-free. Having found a reliable source she initially marketed Munched on Facebook and Instagram, and the products are also now available on Amazon and Catch, as well as being showcased at her local café in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

Alongside the health angle to the business, Lindsay – who runs Munched as a side gig while also holding down a full-time job – started the business with a view to transitioning to a more flexible lifestyle that will allow her to spend more time with her kids.

“Having come from South Africa a few years ago with my husband, we don’t have parents to rely on to help out,” Lindsay lamented. “I miss the social interaction of meeting other parents at school pick-ups and drop-offs and other, so I’m keen to grow the business and make Munched my full-time gig.”