New program to provide digital support tools and coaching for small businesses

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Independent government-backed small-business support organisation Navii has announced that it is giving away over 10,000 digital tools and course packages valued at over $3 million to small businesses through the Digital Launch Pad Program.

The government-backed program will also offer 12 months of expert support and coaching to 500 selected small businesses so they can improve their online presence, social media, online search profile and digital marketing planning.

Those businesses will receive a free Digital Engagement Health Check, a detailed assessment of their online presence that check every aspect of their website, Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business profile.

SMEs are invited to apply to be a part of the program by sharing details of their digital journey so far, including why they need support. Successful applicants can secure a spot on the Digital Launch Pad Program that is valued at over $1200 per applicant.

Navii was established in 2020 through the support of a Federal Government grant to support Australia’s small-business community, since when they have been been helping all types of small businesses to navigate their next steps of digital transformation through a wide range of courses that cover the most sought after business skills including social media planning, marketing automation, blogging and SEO.

“Navii has been hand-selected by the Federal Government to extend our vast network of trusted digital professionals, educators and mentors to small businesses who need it the most,” Liz Ward, Navii’s co-founder and CEO, said. “During a turbulent two years, we have worked hard to future-proof thousands of SMEs, providing them with the digital tools to bounce back.

“Navii’s Digital Launch Pad Program will directly inject funding into Aussie businesses that want to improve their online presence and customer experience,” Ward added. “Navii’s suite of resources is designed to help small businesses cut through the digital maze and make their lives easier.”

Fabienne Wintle, Navii’s co-founder and CIO, added that today’s consumers are more digitally savvy than ever before, demanding a much higher level of customer service online, and that the pandemic has acclerated that shift.

“Businesses that can meet their needs for quality content, delivered through the right channels, supported by personalised customer service, will be competitive in their field,” Wintle said. “Those that can’t keep up with the quickening pace of their customers’ digital requirements will be left behind.”