Nature start-up invites community to join post-COVID cultural change

Australian-owned nature start-up Unyoked is connecting more and more people with the wilderness in a convenient and effective way. With over 40 naturally-immersive locations across the East Coast, the enterprise – founded in 2016 by twin brothers Chris and Cam Grant – is based on a pioneering nature-as-a-service model that aims to help Australians unlock the scientifically-backed benefits of nature and use them regularly, in the same way that they would consider going to the gym or using a meditation app.

“There’s a big shift underway with more and more people starting to realise the power of nature and being outdoors,” Cam Grant said. “We’re moving away from the old system and towards taking time for ourselves when we need it, spending more time outside. We created this whole thing to help more people understand this, and give them access to it when they need it most.”

Unyoked has geared up for post-lockdown era growth by successfully raising $6 million to help more people get out of the city and back into the wilderness. Led by GCI’s Leap Capital Fund, the funding round included reinvestment from Unyoked’s existing shareholders.

“We are excited to be supporting Cameron and Chris as they continue to scale their business in this high growth emerging category,” GCI Leap Capital’s Managing Director, Guy Reypert, said. GCI Leap Capital’s growth fund backs entrepreneurs to scale high-growth businesses without the usual dilution of Venture Capital.

Defining themselves as a nature company, Unyoked count Matthew McConaughey as a collaborator, have founded their own record label that features releases from artists inspired by nature and are about to publishing a Writer’s Anthology that attracted submissions from across Australia.

In keeping with their community theme, Unyoked are opening a limited parcel of their fundraise specifically for their customers via the equity crowdfunding platform Birchal. This funding round is designed to cement their community in the business’s decision-making process, encouraging them to take an active part in evolving the nature business sector as it matures.

“Since Day one, we’ve been stoked to have a super supportive base that has really gotten behind what we’re all about,” Chris Grant said. “We’re excited to bring them on board as we grow and set our sights on some epic new frontiers.”

The public can invest from as little as $250 to join Unyoked in their mission to “democratise” the outdoors and make the most of the of mental, physical and spiritual benefits it offers.