Give your Christmas sales a cracker of a season with Stockland’s S Connect

The holiday season is around the corner. In fact, you’ve probably already seen Christmas paraphernalia creeping into stores and shopping centres; making now the perfect time to capitalise on the most profitable time of the year.

Australians are expected to fork out $27.3 billion this festive season, according to one recent survey.

Although the pandemic mandated a lot of shoppers to do their purchasing online, physical stores remain Aussies’ preferred choice.

So, what does this mean for retailers? Where can they close the loop between traditional out of home advertising and the in-store shopping experience?

Not only will shoppers be doing the majority of their purchasing in-centres, oOH Media reports 41 per cent will be avoiding the mad last-minute dash and instead taking their time this year. This desire to be in public spaces creates longer dwell periods and a unique opportunity for retailers to grab consumer attention in-centres.

The benefits of in-centre advertising are hard to ignore

It is well established that brands turn to traditional forms of advertising to reach as many potential customers as possible, but in-centre advertising offers advantages that above-the-line advertising cannot.

A lot of brands are still buying TV, radio and print media – typical above-the-line advertising, which all play an important role. However, media buyers and brand teams are increasingly seeing the value of advertising in retail centres because it’s the only time that consumers are actively buying.

In-centre shoppers are in the frame of mind to buy, meaning that Stockland’s primary advertising media currency is captivated active shoppers. Not people sitting passively at home watching television advertisements. It closes the loop on that total campaign journey and investment. For example, a retail campaign will reignite the above-the-line campaign message and close that campaign loop when they have converted to being a shopper.

Another comparable analogy is to think of it as deciding to buy a chocolate bar while you wait to pay for your groceries at the supermarket checkout. It’s targeted advertising at a fixed stage of a shopping experience. Stockland can provide packages that harness a captive market that other external advertisers cannot.

In-centre advertising is much more than you think

There are many ways to connect with an engaged in-centre audience.

S Connect is Stockland’s in-centre advertising, pop-up, and partnerships arm and offers a range of flexible options from sampling to large advertising takeovers that turn entire shopping centres into a complete advertising platform.

At this time of year, when consumers are increasing their in-centre dwell times and in a more giving, spending, and entertainment mindset, activations and workshops can be a great opportunity to get your product in the hands of locals.

For brands looking to insert themselves into more digital aspects of the in-centre experience, there are several avenues from digital signage to online and social media, creating a full 360 marketing in-centre experience.

Invest in smart not silly ways to spend your Christmas marketing budget

One of S Connects key points of difference is the specialists who sit alongside clients to create a true partnership and help you get the job done.

Many of the S Connect opportunities start with investments from just one week, allowing brands to experiment and stay flexible with their retail strategies.

Equally, scalable options allow businesses of all sizes to ensure they get the most out of their Christmas marketing budget and have a very special retail season, not a silly one.

Ultimately, shopping centre advertising, an area in which S Connect leads the way, has the power to create thriving brand connections by bringing together engaged shopper communities with the brands and businesses they love at one of the most loved times of the year.

Ensure your brand is heard above the noise of the year’s biggest shopping season. Speak to an S Connect executive and see how we can help curate a bespoke package that’s right for your brand and business.