Getting the support you need to thrive as a small business

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Elderly senior person or grandparent’s hands with red heart in support of nursing family caregiver for national hospice palliative care and family caregivers month concept

I still remember working out of my one-person office 20 years ago. I had big dreams but needed to work out how to get there. I believe with passion, determination and will power you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. However, it is really important to call on the resources around you to get you over the first big hurdles.

1. Family can be your biggest asset

For me, family is everything and I would not be here without them. Family comes first at the end of the day.

My mum was one of my biggest assets in the early days of my business journey and is still a wealth of support and advice. I was working out of my loungeroom and Mum helped me with the administration side of the business. While she didn’t have the same opportunities that she enabled me to have, she is one of the most emotionally intelligent people I know and very street smart. She often gives me sage business advice when it comes to the people I work with.

I also wouldn’t be where I am today without my wonderful husband Craig. To be successful, particularly with a family, you need a supportive partner and I couldn’t ask for a partner more supportive than Craig. Not only is he an active player at home, he is also incredibly important for the business, both as a board member and a sounding board for strategic decisions. I feel incredibly lucky to have him on my team.

2. Look into government programs that can subsidise extra hands on deck

I know one of the biggest issues for small business is not having extra money to afford staff, but it can be the difference between burnout or reaching the next level. One area worth looking into is government subsidies that are available. For example, one of our businesses helps to place people with disability into meaningful employment. Employers are often provided reasonable subsidies for facilitating these placements for a certain period of time. AimBig Employment supports employers along every step of the way, to ensure it is an easy process and a good fit.

Not only would you be giving someone an opportunity, the benefits of hiring people with disability are clear. People with disability take fewer days off, take less sick leave and have a higher retention rate than other workers. Once in the right job, they perform equally as well as other employees and build strong relationships with customers. They also help to create a diverse workforce, which promotes diversity of thought and helps businesses serve the interests of their customers better. 

3. Beware the hidden costs of not looking after those that do work for you

Staff turnover can be a huge expense. It is much better to have good processes in place to retain the right people and ensure they are safe, happy and healthy. It is also important to understand and comply with WHS legislation. While it is impossible to know it all, there is help available. If this is not your company’s area of expertise, reach out to an expert in the field to ensure you are ticking all of the right boxes.

A corporate health specialist such as Rehab Management can undertake detailed ergonomic assessments and provide training to ensure your business is a safe and healthy workplace for staff. Adjusting the work environment to suit individual employee needs will reduce the risk of injury and lower overall health costs to your business.