Five reasons to consider an integrated mailing and parcel sending solution

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Small businesses face many challenges, that’s common knowledge. One area where businesses can make simple changes to make their lives easier, is shipping and mailing. Automating parcel sending and mailing processes can free up resources and let small businesses focus on achieving growth and improving the customer experience.

Recent research by Pitney Bowes shows the parcel shipping market continues to grow steadily, with global parcel volume reaching 87 billion in 2018 and Australian volume reaching 864 million. Australians ship more than two million parcels every day.*

Global parcel revenues continue to benefit from the explosive impact of ecommerce. However, it isn’t just online shoppers boosting the industry, as Pitney Bowes has seen that office sending in Australia is also on the rise.

With the rise of parcel sending and increased complexity and choice in the market, Pitney Bowes continues to look for ways to simplify mailing and shipping for customers. Our solutions let businesses take ownership of their parcel sending, for example the SendPro™+ offers the flexibility to choose the sending option that’s right for your business needs: whether that’s faster delivery or better discounts.

There are five reasons why small businesses should consider an integrated mailing and parcel sending solution:

Cost-efficiency: Many small businesses already use a postage meter, as a cost-effective way to manage office mail runs. Beyond those savings, an integrated mailing and parcel solution can help you save up to 40 per cent on parcel sending cost – depending on volumes and types of packages.**

Flexibility: An integrated solution like Pitney Bowes SendPro+ lets you compare

pricing and delivery options, including overnight shipping, to choose the carrier option that best suits your needs.

Saving time: Having a complete solution at your offices with shipping, mailing and tracking capabilities eliminates trips to the post office and increases productivity.

Improved customer experience: An integrated solution can offer a fast pick-up and delivery. This means customers receive their parcels quicker improving their overall experience with your business. Furthermore, real-time tracking of shipments means customers are better informed about the arrival of their packages.

Fewer errors: Historically businesses needed to gather receipts, pre-printed carrier forms, post-it scribbles with addresses, and more. An all-in-one solution facilitates this cumbersome, but critical process, helping the business stay on top of expenses and budgets.

Automating your shipping and mailing is one easy step that will improve productivity, drive down costs and enable business growth. Talk to Pitney Bowes today to see how we can help take the complexity out of parcel sending and mailing, so you can get on with business. Contact us on 13 23 63 or visit


** Disclaimer: Based on the cost of sending a domestic parcel up to 500g through leading parcel providers versus sending through Pitney Bowes SendPro+.

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