Ethical digital marketing – a partnership results-driven focus

Digital marketing may be nothing new – yet somehow it remains insufficiently understood by many businesses.

This is not as surprising as it might seem. The speed at which the industry has changed and grown over the past 15 years has been extraordinary, so how can small-business owners keep up to date when they have their business to run on a daily basis? This is why it is essential to partner with a digital marketing agency with expertise in the latest digital trends, algorithms and marketing campaign development that will drive results and revenue.

Many businesses owners are aware that digital marketing can help them reach an enormous audience in a way that is both cost-effective and measurable – and that they can save money and reach more customers while tracking responses to their marketing efforts immediately. They may not, however, have the time, passion or information to make the best decisions on the most the relevant channels and digital tools for their business. Each business is different – one company may be looking for brand awareness, and will be satisfied with a campaign measured in clicks, followers and user engagement – even if that doesn’t immediately convert into sales. By contrast, an e-commerce retailer may need 50,000 conversions annually, which may not come from clicks or impressions. Each of these businesses will need a unique mix of marketing channels and investment. This is where KDM’s partnership approach is irreplaceable.

KDM is a team of digital marketing specialists from different industry backgrounds, partnering with businesses to drive results and return on investment. By taking a holistic and ethical approach to marketing, they look to understand and integrate into your business. They are not focused on spending money without a clear agreed goal in place.

With many small businesses having relied on Jobkeeper payments in 2020 and 2021, now may be the time for business owners to be more involved in the day-to-day business, while needing to look at outsourcing their marketing teams. You also need to ensure you’re getting a result from every dollar you invest in marketing. By developing a clear plan and business goals, the KDM team can achieve these for you whilst you focus on your customer experience.

Getting the right kind of service in digital marketing can come down to the initial design of the campaign and defining the value of conversion and the metrics that need to be tracked. While businesses often have an idea of what they think they need, there are enough three-letter terms floating around in the industry that it’s easy to confuse SEO with SEM and so on – making it all that more important to first sit down and focus on the actual needs of the business. In this regard, KDM’s approach is to avoid one-size-fits-all solutions and put the strongest focus on actual client need. The metrics you should be looking at are the numbers that tell the story of your buyer’s journey in the context of a long-term strategy. These are the numbers that translate into tangible business goals.

“The issue is that it’s too easy to report on clicks and impressions,” Nick Baron, Digital Sales & Marketing Manager for KDM, says. “That’s why a lot of people do it, because they don’t understand what kind of metrics they actually need to track. We are very clear about what we’re tracking and how they’re going to benefit a client. Metrics are decided in partnership with the client before we kick off the campaigns, so both parties are clear on what is being measured and what is of value to that client.

“The initial conversation involves reviewing how their website, the ads accounts and the social media posts are performing. We also assess what channel the client needs,” Nick explains. “It all starts with the website – that’s where most of our clients would actually transact and engage with their target market. We identify key elements on the website that will lead to significant business improvement, and from there, an increase in revenue. Clients don’t always know what is important on their own website, they just think, ‘we’ve got a website, we’re happy with it’. After we perform the digital audit, we may find the load speed is too long, there isn’t enough content or images, or the user experience isn’t where it should be for the industry.

“Industry benchmarks help to educate clients,” Nick adds. “If it is an e-commerce site, we look at conversion rates. Upon review of a high-transacting e-commerce store, we might notice that the conversion rate is two per cent, where it should be at eight per cent to meet the industry average. A client wouldn’t necessarily know that. As industry experts, we recommend improvements on the site. It’s this review and advice on how to improve what they currently have, without spending anything. Before you think about advertising, you’ve got to have the fundamentals there.”

After ensuring your website is optimised for both the customer and search engines, plus reflecting your brand identity, KDM will then create a digital marketing plan. The plan will be a unique mix which may include paid digital advertising, organic social media content, blogs and email newsletters. Whether you are starting out in digital marketing or looking to improve your current results, it is important to partner with an agency that has the expertise in all areas of marketing who can execute a holistic digital strategy as well as understand what metrics matter to your business to ensure you strategically invest your budget for maximum return. For more information about KDM’s services or to request a free digital assessment, click here.