Australia-UK trade agreement a big step on the road to recovery: Business Council

The announcement of the finalisation of a free trade agreement between Australia and the United Kingdom is a win for Australian exporters, businesses and workers, according to the chief executive of the Business Council of Australia, Jennifer Westacott.

“This record setting deal means Australians will get comprehensive tariff-free and mostly quota-free market access to the fifth largest economy in the world and our fifth largest trading partner,” Westacott said.

“This agreement will also give both countries the opportunity to access the best skills and fill critical worker gaps that hold back big, recovery-driving projects.

“Enhanced labour mobility and mutual professional recognition, will help create the industries Australia needs for the future, from professional services to the digital economy,” Westacott added.

“Lowering barriers to key agriculture goods over time will be a significant boost to regional Australia and means UK consumers can better access Australia’s world-class quality products. Australian exporters were effectively locked out of the UK market nearly 50 years ago, so it is great to see those opportunities return.

“We congratulate the Morrison government and Minister Tehan for raising the bar with this agreement, creating new opportunities for Australians and helping set Australia up for the future,” Westacott concluded.