Push to strengthen innovation

Push to strengthen innovation

Last week Mathew Jacobson of Dūcere was among an international cohort of speakers at Harvard University’s 21st Century Academic Forum Conference on the ‘Just Google It’ Age. Jacobson spoke on the importance of implementing a stronger base of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship to the international audience of researchers and practitioners.

“For decades the world has faced challenges of access to education, today there is a great need for innovation and industry relevance within global education. It is important to realise that education is not an outcome but instead needs to be seen as part of the process of people gaining a career. Education, globally, needs to integrate the skills, networks and industry links necessary to be employable. 

Mathew described just how far he was planning on taking his vision: ‘We are developing a future project that will address this issue on a large-scale. The project will act as a bridge between the philanthropic work of our Foundation and Ducere’s innovative course development. Our goal with this new project is to look into offering widespread scholarship programs to students in emerging markets where often access to tertiary education is limited.’

Mat’s overarching goal is to redefine tertiary education both at home and abroad by teaching through the world’s most successful public and private sector leaders, and fully utilising public-sector institutions.

Dūcere is an Australian education provider for business and management courses, offering diplomas right through to a world’s first MBA program in Innovation and Leadership. All courses are provided through an online learning platform, and can be accessed from anywhere around the world.