Women doing it for themselves – Part 2

Here are two more case studies on women entrepreneurs who have carved a niche for their small businesses

To celebrate International Women’s Day today, here’s the second instalment of our feature on women entrepreneurs who have created successful small businesses – and how they did it…

Jessica Sette, Romper Stomper, Vic

Online Children’s Shoes Retailer

A blessing in disguise, Jessica Sette embarked on her entrepreneurial journey after learning of her immediate redundancy while on maternity leave. Rather than finding work elsewhere as an executive assistant and following a demanding work schedule, she explains the reason for change, ‘I felt a strong need to have more work life balance and not miss those exciting milestones in my baby’s development.’

Fast forward a couple of months and Jessica launches Romper Stomper, a dedicated online retail shoe destination for children 0-5yrs. Drawing from experience, Jessica shares her tips to paving a successful start to entrepreneurship.

‘Do your research and find out if there is a need for your product or service. Draw up a plan, budget and schedule. Be professional and run it like a big company from the get go. If you’re not an expert in something, enlist the help of someone else who is. Don’t be afraid to invest into design, your brand and advertising.’ says Jessica.

Kate Cook , Small Paper Things , Qld

Digital and social-media marketing strategy consultant

‘Business is all about relationships. I’ve taken some hits and chosen not to take work on in order to protect my relationships because I know how important they are to my business, Small Paper Things – and in many cases, to me personally’.

‘You have to decide where your lines are and what you will and won’t be willing to cross. I’m glad I made the decision to do that long before I was presented with opportunities. If you don’t take the time to know where you stand, you could easily make the wrong decision – especially with a dangling carrot of a big fat cheque in front of you.’

‘If I was to give only one piece of advice to anyone wanting to move into business for themselves it would be to shout everyone you respect and look up to a coffee. There is no cheaper way to gain such valuable business information than from the small cost of a $5 latte. Just make sure you have something to offer them as well. Don’t be that person that just catches up with someone to “pick their brain” there has to be some sort of value exchange.’

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