Why more women should be upskilling in tech

I have spent more than 20 years in the tech industry, and in every place I’ve visited worldwide, I’ve never seen enough women in development, analytics, data science or middle-management tech teams – and even less in top-level tech and data management.

But, I have known there are countless women with tech and data skills that missing out on a seat at the table. Countless women who have a love for the industry, but are unsure of their place in it.

So, I did what any tech-savvy female entrepreneur would do in the 21st century: I helped create a global not-for-profit fully focused on empowering women in tech: She Loves Data.

We started She Loves Data because we believe more women are needed in the tech industry – but also because we firmly believe that data literacy is THE skill all of us need to acquire in 2018 and beyond.

Whether you’re a tech entrepreneur, working within a small business data team or looking to make the switch and fully invest in a tech career – I have put together my top three reasons that more women worldwide should be upskilling in tech – starting now.

1. Data is everywhere

It’s no secret that we live in a totally data-driven world. Global experts say the Fourth Industrial Revolution has begun – a complete technological revolution that will influence and impact all aspects of our societies and communities. And we need to be ready for it. All women should consider upskilling to some extent in data and tech – whether it’s developing a side skill or moving into a focused tech role – we will all need greater data knowledge in the short and long-term across the workforce.

2. We can transform the business world together

More women homing in on their data and tech skills means more women making a greater impact in the business world. I know women worldwide want to be empowered to start their own businesses, become key players in the data business world and understand their own professional power and value. Much of that, especially in our age of globalisation, can and will come from more women in the data and tech industries.

3. It’s a global movement

Upskilling in data and tech is not just about adding a few new tools to your career kit: women in tech are becoming a global movement, and this is about joining an international community. Women are being empowered to claim their space in the future tech world with undisputed competency and equality. The international community is inclusive, supportive, strong, non-judgmental and providing a space for women to truly invest in, and develop, their gifts and skills in tech and data.

In the last two years, I have observed more and more women wanting to join a global data tribe – we have so many women from so many walks of life getting involved. It’s not just about data-related knowledge, it’s also about women joining a tribe of similar human beings. We are creating and developing a sisterhood – letting women in data and tech work, help and meet with each other.

Data and digital literacy should be about diversity and inclusion. It’s not too late to join the tribe – make it a personal goal to upskill in tech and consider joining a fast-paced, growing community that will help you face the future tech world with confidence and support.

Jana Marle-Zizkova, CEO & Co-Founder, She Loves Data & Meiro Pte Ltd.

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