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Recent research reveals workplace disengagement is becoming an increasingly widespread problem across the globe, with 30 per cent of employees in first world economies now saying they are fundamentally disengaged – they do just enough to ensure they don’t lose their jobs, but no more.

Renowned speaker, trainer and mentor Alex Bonett tells us in the latest episode of ISBTV that this issue of workplace disengagement is so prevalent it now has its own moniker – “presenteeism”.

Alex identifies the way to overcome this problem and lift the engagement levels of your team as having a clear vision for your team, as he explains if people know why they’re doing what they’ve been asked to do, and how to go about doing it, they’re far more likely to buy into the vision you have for your business.

He talks about the importance of “WIIFM” – what’s in it for me – and the four currencies that motivate people to be the best they can be: it’s not just about money, their remuneration, although that is one of the four it is not, as many employers believe, the only thing that matters to their team.

Alex draws on over 35 years’ experience working with some of Australia’s most successful companies to introduce his four stages of learning, using everyday scenarios to illustrate how people develop the skills to do a task and how you can adapt that to the way you lead your employees in a way that inspires them to be pilots rather than just passengers.

Alex Bonett v3.2 from Content Productions Client on Vimeo.

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