Waking women in business up to purpose

In the world we live in today, we hear and read a great deal about “purpose”. It can be seen as somewhat of a buzzword. But it’s not a “fad”, and the benefits of realising what purpose is are much greater than a hashtag at the end of a tweet!

This article offers a brief insight into why living with purpose is so powerful, but why you’ll never “find” it…

If you’re wondering, that by reaching all of your achievements, goals, milestones or profit, you’ll have found your purpose and believe this is where it lies then this article is for you.

Let’s say, you’re running your own small business. You can finally hire a bigger team, buy better resources, speak at that high profile industry conference, or pay yourself that bonus. And yet, no matter what you achieve, build or buy, something doesn’t quite feel right. Your purpose is still  “missing” and so, the search continues.

The problem is, many of us struggle through the search and never end up experiencing our true purpose.

Why is this you might be thinking? Because there is nothing to find.

Our purpose does not exist outside of us, it’s within us, always. The pure bliss, joy, and zest for life that we can experience in any moment, is lying dormant in many of us who have yet to access it.

So, what stops us accessing our purpose? The environment in which we grow up in; our culture, our conditioning, our values, the beliefs we hold in mind.

The way that we take in reality is what causes us to struggle. We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are through the filters of our mind. So, by learning how the mind runs – or how we allow it to run us – there truly is an opportunity to free ourselves and lean into our purpose.

From this place, creativity and potential emerge. True freedom from negative thinking is available to us and we no longer have a need to search for anything outside of us to experience our purpose.

As a woman in leadership, ask yourself, “How differently would you think, feel and act in your business if you were living with purpose?” As we start to understand our personality structures and learn to truly see how our mind functions, the flow-on effects extend beyond the development of our own personal growth and potential. It’s all about deepening our self-awareness, understanding our mind, and letting go of unresourceful thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that hold us them back from living our true purpose – something we focus on at our Waking Up to Purpose workshops, the next iteration of which we are hosting in Nelson Bay, NSW later this week (details at www.littlebeachboathouse.com.au/shop).

Find your true purpose and you will start to notice healthy levels of the four “Cs” start to emerge within your business:

  • Communication: our ability to respond, and not react to others, giving and receiving clear feedback without conflict.
  • Compassion: we can hold space for diversity and inclusion with the team, i.e. race, religion, style, ideas etc. and create the opportunity for “leadership at all levels”.
  • Culture: we allow our teams to come together to create meaningful experiences in and out of the workplace.
  • Clear vision: we lead the business to systems and solutions that impact the long-term success of not just the business, but the community and team it serves.


Frances Wills & Anita Tomecki

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