The future of education and training is digital

Training online is far more convenient price-wise if you do not have the budget to invest in expensive hotel rooms or venues for face-to-face workshops.

Wanting to train online but finding it hard to squeeze course during the hours you are available? So many of us want to take that extra step to package our skills and commercialise our expertise but with so many ideas and experiences in our heads it can sometimes seem impossible to put it all together with life being so busy.

You’re so flat out with working full time in your own business or practice and the option of finding that time to create your online training seems impossible. If you are an existing practitioner, coach or consultant – it could be in any space; money, business, corporate, relationships, health, hobbies or personal development – clients want to see more of you and get more access to your valuable time.

What you need to do is build and sell courses online. These courses continue to nurture, educate your clients, boost your brand, your positioning and continue to build that relationship in between your consults. Your clients remain your raving fans for life. Online courses offer the flexibility you are after.

Digital learning is the new way of the future, and here is why.

  1. You can teach almost anything online. Anything from wellness to dog training, counseling to property investing.
  2. Global audience. Enough said!
  3. Live versus prerecording – work at your own pace. One of the biggest issues with training face-to-face or live webinars is that you have to be present at a particular time and or place to make your classes happen. The great thing about pre-recorded online courses and digital learning is that you can create courses at their own pace. You do not need to turn up to a webinar at a certain time of the day, you do not need to take time off work to make sure your webinars happen. Recorded online study gives the flexibility of prerecording your content at your time and pace. This takes a large amount of stress off a busy practitioner or coach working one on one with clients and fitting work around this can sometimes be far too overwhelming and just not maintainable.
  4. No need to travel. This will not only save some a lot of time, it will save on costs on things such as petrol. You have the comfort of creating your training from in your own home, clinics or offices.
  5. Technology is easier and easier. You can create courses using your own computer web camera and microphone. There are platforms that allow you to upload, create, publish and get paid for your courses instantaneously. You can then set it on automation so new clients continue to take your courses at their time and pace. This means you can continue to enjoy what your lifestyle while your courses continue to train your clients.
  6. No need for videos. If you are afraid of videos you do not have to record. We work with thousands of coaches and consultants on YesCourse and some of the most incredible courses have just text and images. Or you could do a simple Powerpoint and voice over. You can create highly powerful courses in a day with even the most basic technology.
  7. Two for one. You are not only making a great passive income but you are positioning as an authority and expert in your field.
  8. High value. Online courses are the quickest and the most efficient way sell your expertise for premium value without locking in your hours.
  9. Affordability. Training online is far more convenient pricewise if you do not have the budget to invest in expensive hotel rooms or venues for face-to-face workshops. Shop around online. There are so many different varieties of platforms. Some of them are free to create and publish courses and take a small percentage when the student pays.

With the fast and busy lifestyles we all lead, going digital is a prominent way we do things and it makes sense to do online program to increase profits, without having to be at a physical location.

Shilpa Bhouraskar, Co-Founder, The Course School


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