The future is here: Bitcoin and Blockchain Fair

The Australian Business Forum (ABF) is delighted to present the inaugural Bitcoin and Blockchain Fair to the business, technology and investment sectors. This is to be held on 16 and 17 June. The event will take place in The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. It will showcase Blockchain Technology, cryptocurrencies and the ensuing trend that these important steps forward in technology and finance will inevitably create. This will impact businesses for decades to come.

This pivotal showcase has been designed to demonstrate why Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are poised to deliver the next major technological infrastructure upon which new industries and jobs are based.

Professor Jason Potts, who heads the new RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub, believes that the ability of Blockchain technology to reach people far and wide cannot be underestimated.

“The entire modern economy is built on ledgers,” he says. “The significance of this new technology is potentially revolutionary in terms of corporations and the role of government.”

The internet took 30 years to become the essential platform of communication and commerce in the world; even then, not until 1990. We believe that these technologies are the next necessary step towards the same bright future that the internet helped push us towards.

Blockchain technology is the key aspect to this entire enterprise as the banner technology on which all the currencies are based; hence “cryptocurrencies”. It has significant potential to change the current economy and regulatory framework that cannot be ignored. The entire cryptocurrency market capitalisation is worth US$144 billion, with Bitcoin taking the lion’s share at US$68 billion. However, few people are aware of how it works. “It has only really broken out in the past few years,” Professor Potts says.

Policymakers and entrepreneurs are starting to take notice of cryptocurrencies. “Melbourne is a hub of Blockchain activity,” says Professor Potts. “There’s a lot of interest from the start-up community and from government ministers at a state and federal level.” Professor Potts also says that cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin are a fundamental infrastructure technology of the new economy. “It doesn’t really matter what industry you’ll end up in. This will likely be the technological infrastructure upon which new industries and jobs are based.”

The Melbourne-based Bitcoin and Blockchain Fair 2018 provides visitors with free admission to attend the exhibition showcase. Visitors can also register for the two-day Bitcoin and Blockchain Forum with international keynote speakers, case studies and panel discussions. The fair also provides the same visitors with a platform for education, interaction and engagement with all areas of the cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology sectors by presenting a range of seminars that offer valuable resources and knowledge on how cryptocurrency and Bitcoin will be making a significant impact in the near future.

When the Bitcoin and Blockchain Fair was held in Sydney, it featured important international speakers, including: the Founder and CEO of Safex; Daniel Dabek, Founder and Lead Architect of Nexus; Colin Cantrell and Terry Igharoro, and; the Founder and CEO of InventoryClub. The Melbourne Forum will also feature international guests, such as: Ola J. Lind of China; the Co-Founder of CAN (Content and Ad Network) and Genevieve Leveille of the United Kingdom, and; the CEO of the BioLife Chain. Also speaking is Craig Cobb, the Founder of and host of the major Crypto podcast on Apple iTunes.

Visitors attending the Bitcoin and Blockchain Fair will have the opportunity to meet industry experts and international Bitcoin and Blockchain exhibitors to assist in the development of their own strategies. Some of the exhibitors include: Electra Project, Bitcoin Australia, Mobi Promo Systems, Coinspot and Ubecoin. Visitors attending the event will be sure to learn about the exciting new opportunities in the growing ecosystems of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technologies.

The Bitcoin and Blockchain Fair will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on 16 and 17 June, from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

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