Start-up revs up online education for Aussie students

Targeting students and their parents, the online education start-up easily delivers relevant content at times when this group are most likely be searching for it.

YourTutor is an online education platform that provides high school students with one-on-one expert homework and study support from top Australian tutors. Established in 2003, the SME has conducted over one million tutorials onessays, assignments and homework across all subjects. Today, it employs 25 permanent staff and has a flexible pool of over 700 tutors.

In 2014, YourTutor’s largely B2B-facing website was struggling to manage prospect and customer information. To improve customer experience from start to finish, the organisation partnered with HubSpot to improve its marketing strategy. Through search engine optimisation (SEO) and other methods such as lead generation, customer management and staff training, its website has leapfrogged growth in its monthly user base of over 500% — with organic search referrals growing 485% and social media referrals growing 216% since it relaunched.

Ms Caroline Halliday, YourTutor’s Director of Consumer Marketing said: “HubSpot was selected as it is extremely easy to use and as a small business it’s allowed us to punch above our weight in terms of the results we’ve been getting. Our team has quickly adopted the tools and are impressed with how easy the tools and services are to use.”

YourTutor developed their business through SEO as a result of producing quality content and using specific targeting.

Targeting students and their parents, the online education start-up easily delivers relevant content at times when this group would most likely be searching for it. These include study times before exams or school planners before the holiday break.

“The platform assists us with keyword research and helps us to prioritise which content we put up, giving us insights into what will be more likely to perform. Our most popular content has resulted from insights which we gained from the SEO tools and keyword tool – the reach, quantity and quality of content delivered has increased and we have experienced a five-fold increase in our user base as a result.” said Halliday.

Since introducing new marketing tools, the results have been impressive. According to Google Analytics, YourTutor’s monthly user base has grown more than 500% over the last 18 months. Comparing the period from May to June this year from a year ago, the business experienced a 485% growth in new users from organic search and a 216% growth in new users from social media. Comparing the first half of this year to that of last year, YourTutor has seen 150% growth in users.

Halliday is particularly impressed with the traffic they bought in organically. “Last year we relied quite heavily on paid search; this year, our organic channels are delivering most of our traffic. By May this year, we decided to only use search ads for retargeting, as generating leads via organic channels has been much more effective for us,” she said.

YourTutor marketing staff will be trained via HubSpot Academy to ensure they are up to date with the latest technology innovations and can comfortably use the program.

“This training program costs next to nothing and the latest results figures blow me out of the water. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend HubSpot to any SME needing a marketing solution that covers all bases.”

Educating the educators will contribute to YourTutor’s vision of enabling the digital education revolution.

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