Seven mistakes women make in business

If you find yourself struggling with the day-to-day stuff that comes with running a business; you may be making one of these seven common mistakes. While it’s fair to say that both men and women can suffer from these issues – it’s more often women than men.

Are you doing it all?

This may be the biggest mistake people make in business. You start your business, it’s hard work, you build it yourself, and you forget that in order to grow – you have to let go and empower other people to do the work for you. Otherwise, your business can only be the sum total of the hours you can put in. That makes no sense. If you’re doing it all… stop, work out what you like least, and outsource it or hire someone to take it on for you. Keep doing that whenever possible. You’ll soon see the wood for the trees.

When did you last ask for help?

If you’re stuck, if there’s something bugging you or if you’re just feeling a little isolated – get out and find a buddy. Talk your problems and successes through with them. Get a little external input into your problems. Two heads are almost always better than one.

When did you last get out of your comfort zone?

Without challenge and a little learning every now and again, we can’t grow. If you find that you’ve been living in your comfort zone – it’s time to break away from it. Get out and see if you can find a course or a seminar to attend. Tackle a new problem or an old one you’ve been putting off. Unleash your brilliance.

Do you value things the way they should be?

Have you taken a good look at the people around you and made sure they understand their value to you and your business? It’s easy to overlook the contributions of others while we’re running around trying to get the job done. Stepping back a little, lets you boost their morale and better understand how your business really works.

When did you last take a break?

Even Superman took time off for his honeymoon with Lois Lane. People need time to rest and recharge their batteries. If you find yourself always in the office and always working – you need to stop. We build businesses to enhance our lives and not so that they become our lives. Go and have some fun.

Are you thinking big enough?

Female-led businesses are often very small businesses. That’s not because women can’t become owners of bigger businesses but often because they don’t even think about growing their business. You need to take time to do some big picture thinking and then take action to move your business to the next level. You’ll be glad you did in the end.

Are you taking things too personally?

It’s just business. It’s an awful phrase but one with a hint of truth. Sometimes, you need to forgive yourself and recognise that no matter how hard you worked and how well you did things; stuff goes wrong. **** happens, as they say. It’s not about you, it’s the way that world works, and you can’t do anything about it. Learn to let go and don’t obsess over things.

Of course, it may be that none of these seven things is your current problem. If that’s the case, why not reach out to a mentor or peer and talk about what’s coming next for you and what you need to tackle right now?

Angela Henderson, business consultant and founder, Angela Henderson Consulting

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