Legal tech venture aimed at SMEs

Legal document provider AusDocsOnline and cloud software provider Reckon have announced that they are forming a venture that will provide legal knowledge and tools to small businesses.

Under this partnership, Reckon customers will now have access to trusted legal documents from LexisNexis that are available in AusDocsOnline’s self-service portal.

In addition, AusDocsOnline also provides access to affordable professional advice that covers workplace and commercial law. The venture is envisioned to help small businesses ensure that they are compliant with their obligations as employers.

In a statement, Reckon said that the new offering will provide significant cost and time savings as compared to a consultation with a lawyer.

“Workplace legislation is tougher than ever today,” said Shaun Locke, national sales manager at Reckon ANZ. “Small businesses are typically unable to afford HR or legal professionals, or the time to review policies, [and] they tend to expose themselves to costly, damaging claims.”

Locke added that the service will help to relieve the administrative burden on business owners. “AusDocsOnline provides business owners with quick, easy and affordable access to legal documentation, policies and procedures, enabling them to run better businesses,” he said.

“By alleviating such administrative concerns for small businesses, this will free up time to focus on revenue-driving opportunities. At the same time, good employee management with consistently applied procedures and policies can also provide transparency, greater staff satisfaction and higher productivity,” he added.

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