Is your business ready for a digital transformation?

Any Australian business today knows not having a digital presence is commercial suicide, and you would struggle to find any-sized organisation not on the web. But as technology advances, people don’t just consume digital content, they want to experience it, touch it, and integrate it with their lives. So, if you can’t offer them an almost tangible experience, you might as well shut up shop and go home.

Wherever you turn these days, there is content. On public transport, in fast food restaurants, on our smart devices, everywhere. To cut through this noise and connect with your audience, you must do it on their terms. And that’s exactly where digital transformation comes in.

Digitally transforming your business is not just buying some digital tools, plugging them into your system, pressing a big red button, and waiting for the results to come in. It can significantly impact on your staff, your operations, your every business model. Don’t let that scare you off though, a digital transformation can not only enhance your customer’s experience and improve your bottom line; but it can inspire your staff because they see that your business is progressive, better connected, and keeping up with the trends.

An effective digital transformation means identifying a content strategy based on the needs of your target audience, creating the content that engages them, through a true understanding of the channels and ways to reach them, and setting KPIs necessary that measure the success. When you establish the touch points across all channels, online and offline, you want to track, and use that to optimize the customer journey, you can identify those tools that will allow you to gather the necessary data to optimize your content strategies.

A digital transformation, and the adoption of advanced systems, will allow your small business to segment your customers using their behaviour and character traits, and integrate your eCommerce and multichannel strategies to delight your customer and give your sales revenue a sizeable boost. In this day and age, you’ve got to be consistently delivering a user experience that goes beyond your customers’ own expectations, and that means across all devices and channels.

The advantage to you is that this digital presence gives you a real single customer view. Without these tools, the essential components of your digital brand marketing strategy will be missing. And this will mean you are not able to integrate the client data you gather with your email data via your CRM.

Not staying up to date with the right technologies for your business can tell your customers that you are not interested in them. And when customers have awkward and impersonal experiences, they take their business and money elsewhere.

Your competition is everywhere, and the smarter operators are already using tools that more complacent companies lack to steal the business from under their noses. Don’t be the one that has to turn out the lights when you leave a business that thought that digital transformation wasn’t necessary. Be the one that switches them on in a shiny new building built on the success your customers’ loyalty has built.

Wayne Jasek, Director of APAC Operations, Kentico

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