How to make giving back a part of your business journey

After losing her nephew to SIDS at 16-months of age, Sarah Morrissey decided to make fundraising for Red Nose (formerly SIDS & Kids) and in general, giving back a major part of her business journey.

Having launched Little Rockers Radio in 2014 (Australia’s first online 24/7 commercial radio station for children from birth to 6), Sarah launched the Little Rockers Red Nose Disco, in conjunction with Red Nose in 2015.

“It’s become Australia’s largest simultaneous disco and it’s gearing up for its third year! In 2016, over 35,000 children danced and in 2017 the aim is to break all records and have over 50,000 children dancing right across Australia,” says Morrissey.

The idea behind the Little Rockers Red Nose Disco is to encourage child care centres nationally to purchase an entry pack online and host a disco in their centre on Red Nose Day, 30 June – pressing PLAY to a special disco broadcast by Little Rockers Radio, powered by iHeartRadio.

“For me the disco is highly personal, however it is backed up with good business strategy,” says Morrissey, Director of Little Rockers Radio. “All funds raised go to Red Nose and Little Rockers Radio benefits greatly from the exposure the disco garners from child care centres right around the country as well as major media outlets.”

“Red Nose have been working with Sarah on the Little Rockers Red Nose Disco for the past two years. Starting out as a community fundraiser, the event has grown to become a major part of the Red Nose Day campaign working with childcare centres nationally to run fundraising disco events within their centres. Thanks to Little Rockers Radio, Red Nose has been able to use this great concept to enable us to interact with a key market in a fun way while promoting our safe sleeping practices,” says Carly, Red Nose Day Manager.

Following a successful partnership in 2016, Little Rockers Radio and Red Nose have also reunited with Australia’s commercial radio network, Australian Radio Network (ARN), and its digital entertainment platform, iHeartRadio – who will utilise their 12 radio stations and digital networks to further strengthen the reach of the Red Nose Discos message across the country, and will contribute financially to the campaign.

Morrissey recommends all businesses support a charity. “Every business can work to support a charity and it doesn’t necessarily need to be with monetary support. Businesses can offer their support in so many ways – through access to an audience, distribution of fliers, volunteer support, idea generation and more. It’s not only good for the community and your chosen charity, it’s also great for the business and your marketing strategy.”

Morrissey’s top tips in working with charity are Invest, Align, Set Goals and Promote:

  • Invest (not financially but personally) – chose a charity that you and your staff are truly passionate about.
  • Make sure the “fit” is right for the charity and your business – do your values align, are you both going to benefit from the partnership? All partnerships need to be win-win!
  • Set goals – so the outcomes and expectations are clear for both parties.
  • Promote the partnership – let the world know (ask for bloggers, influencers, other small businesses, etc to jump on board and support your campaign), tell your audience and let them know what they can do to also support.

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