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Suits, shiny shoes, lattes, laptops, meetings, airport, money, plans, strategy, sales, projects, key performance indicators, evaluations, human resources. All these words are most commonly associated with the word business.

But what if I said emotion? Is this a word you would associate with business? In my world of business, emotion is the first and foremost foundation. Let me tell you why.

I want you to take a moment to think. In a single 24-hour day, how many times does a consumer interact with a business?

Connecting with a business is the main part of our day. From what you eat for breakfast, to reading a sign on the freeway, to the coffee you order…all the way to where you buy your dinner, get your hair done or what you watch on TV. Each day, one person will interact and use a product or service nearly every minute of their day.

And guess what? This consumer is (don’t be surprised here) – a human.

Now, guess what again? Humans are made up of emotions.

Emotions are the basis of their decision making and determine as to whether you as a business can help them, or not. I’m certainly not here to teach your Grandmother how to suck eggs but the best businesses are the ones that do not forget what humans need.

If you have forgotten, allow me to remind you. Humans crave connection. Emotional connection, to be exact.

So, what is my mission? It is for each person in business to accept responsibility to meet their consumers’ needs. Let’s face it, this is why we are all in business in the first place, right?

Whether you are selling a product or service, what matters most is if you are meeting your consumers’ emotional needs. Were you able to make the lady in your shop who wanted to buy a dress go from feeling fat, frumpy and nervous to confident? Were you able to help the stressed-out employee use your technology to feel more proactive and productive with your online tool?

Don’t get me wrong your product or service does matter. But I challenge you to look deeper. For one moment, think whether you are meeting your consumers’ needs.

Just imagine, if every single business that a consumer interacted with created a consumer journey that met their emotional needs, that shifted them from fear to confidence or from sadness to happiness, from stressed to calm…how easy would it be to change the world we live in?

I therefore challenge you to accept your responsibility in creating empathetic business practices, from you down to your team. How can you make your consumers’ day just that little happier? If we all did this together, couldn’t we collectively make the world a happier place?

Nataly Tormey, Business Strategist, Nataly

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