Last chance to access the $5k Victorian Small Business Ventilation Grant

There is an indoor air quality crisis around the world and pollutants are increasingly posing a risk to health, wellness and mental acuity.

An estimated 3.8 million premature deaths are caused each year by indoor air pollution, with an untold number of us suffering from harm to wellbeing every day — simply because of the air we breathe while indoors.

Recently commissioned research by Rentokil Initial has shown almost three quarters of Australians (74 per cent) believe businesses with poorly ventilated spaces need to do more to protect the public from airborne transmission risks, such as COVID-19, the new super cold and influenza.

With Australians spending 90 per cent of their time indoors, mostly in public places such as workplaces, schools, hospitality venues, and shopping centres, adopting strategies to improve air quality within low ventilation areas is crucial in making these spaces safer for customers, visitors and staff.

Rentokil Initial National Technical and Innovation Manager, John Keogh, said this is particularly important as we return to normality, and employees expect access to safer, healthier working environments.

“We are facing the worst indoor air quality crisis in history. It has never been clearer that businesses need to take action to protect their customers, employees, and bottom-line against the well-documented risks of poor indoor air quality,” Mr Keogh said.

To tackle these issues, and to help businesses create healthier environments for their employees and customers, the Victorian Government has introduced a $5000 grant program for eligible small businesses to purchase equipment to improve ventilation.

This grant can help small businesses in Victoria access the latest technology and innovation in air quality solutions to reduce risk and to minimise the spread of the airborne illnesses in the workplace.

“Whilst access to natural ventilation like opening windows is also an alternative to air ventilation it is not always practical – especially during the colder seasons or in denser urban areas where outside noise and pollution can heavily impact indoor air quality and the working environment,” Mr Keogh said.

“Air purifiers play a critical role in high-risk environments in reducing the spread of COVID-19, reducing the sickness cycle and building customer and employee confidence in returning to work, to shops or other indoor environments.”

Alongside adequate ventilation, Rentokil Initial recommends a 360-degree hygiene approach by businesses to reduce the risk of transmission of potentially harmful pathogens and viruses – including a hand, surface and air hygiene protocol.

For more information, visit Initial Hygiene, or call 1300 059 972 to learn about indoor air quality solutions for your business and how to utilise the government funding.

Click here to learn more about the $5K government grant available. Applications close this Friday, 24 June 2022.