How to use your small-business loan to grow your business

Applying for small-business loans can help you get ahead and set your business up for success. So, we’re sharing our top ways to use your small-business loan to help your business thrive.

Invest in a solid marketing strategy

Make sure your business is on their radar! Good marketing is the best way to keep your existing customers coming back and attract new customers to your business. Marketing comes in many forms; advertising, branding, updating your business’s website, investing in SEO services, and hiring a social media strategist are all great ways to grow your customer base and reach new customers.

Implement services that will benefit your customers

Customers like to feel that their opinions, thoughts, and preferences are taken into consideration. You should aim to make your customer’s experience with your business as comfortable for them as possible – we recommend using business loans to implement practices in your business to achieve that. This could mean ensuring that your website’s online shopping process is as streamlined as possible, offering customers additional payment methods such as interest free ‘buy now, pay later’ services, or even expanding your range of the products or services that you offer.

Take your business to the next level with new equipment

Put your business loan to use in a practical, tangible way, by updating your equipment, repairing broken parts, and purchasing new supplies. A coffee shop can’t be successful without a great coffee machine; think about what equipment or supplies are necessary to the success of your business and put your money towards making sure you have the best of whatever it is. Your business deserves it!

Hire new staff and train existing employees

Is your business growing and expanding? Keep pace with your business’s growth by using your loan to add a few more employees to your team. The extra helping hands on board can ease the pressure on your existing employees and even on your own workload. Don’t forget about your existing staff though! Business loans can be great for investing in employee training. Make sure your employees are up to date with the latest technologies, procedures, and protocols in the industry. This can lead to higher team morale and engagement all around.

How can Zip Business help?

Zip Business is known for offering an interest free ‘buy now, pay later’ service – but did you know that we also offer buy now pay later designed for business? To get started on your application or to find out more about what we can do for your business, get in contact with us today.