Grants awarded to emerging female-led enterprises


Samsung Electronics Australia and online curated shopping and discovery app Her Black Book have recently announced the recipients of their first grant program partnership, aimed at supporting the next generation of female entrepreneurs in Australia.

The grant package, valued at over $40,000, will be shared between RCYCL, a textile recycling service, and, an online resource for advice and assistance on buying an affordable home. Both will receive funding, technology and mentorship to help them achieve their business goals.

Shaneez Johnston, Head of Corporate Affairs, Samsung Electronics Australia, said, “We received an overwhelming response to our inaugural grant for female-led businesses, in partnership with Her Black Book. We were so impressed by the quality of the submissions we received and there were many very worthy entries. However, RCYCL and Afford Home stood out to us because they were innovative enterprises that also strive to make our world a better place. We are extremely proud to support these two organisations as they take the next steps in their entrepreneurial journey and we wish them every success for the future.”

RCYCL, a textile recycling service looks at tackling the problem of clothing and textile waste reaching landfill in Australia by collecting old clothing to repurpose into yarn to be made into new items, such as carpet underlay.

RCYCL founder Belinda Paul shared, “After being evacuated from the bushfires on holiday in the summer of 2019/20 and seeing ash wash up on the sand daily – six months after the bushfires, I knew there had to be a solution to helping our world somehow. I’m beyond grateful for this financial and mentoring opportunity and to be recognised for the urgent work I’m doing…This is a great space to be in right now as we can all be responsible consumers.” was co-founded by Helen Spira and her son Louis Foster, after questioning why Australians aren’t taught key property life skills at school, such as how to save a deposit or negotiate a home loan. offers an online information hub about each step of the home buying process and support service for those who do not have the time, capacity or resources to find the ideal affordable home.

“It will really help get the business off the ground and give it a public profile,” Spira commented. ”Having the opportunity to assist women of all ages into an affordable home of their own is an aspiration and legacy not just for individual women but for our welfare and economy as a nation.”

Sali Sasi, Co-creator of Her Black Book, commented as well, “We look forward to mentoring Belinda and Helen and share the insights my sister and business partner, Julie, and I have gained from launching and growing our own businesses. We deeply value the opportunity to play a part in the next chapter of their ventures, and we hope this inspires them to continue empowering women in business and pay it forward to those starting out too.”

The grant follows Samsung’s launch of its Galaxy S22 Series smartphone including the Galaxy S22 Ultra with S-Pen capabilities, as well as Her Black Book’s Up Close with Her Black Book, powered by Samsung Galaxy event which celebrated entrepreneurial women, inclusivity and equality.