Cryptocurrency: the “go to” investment option for savvy investors

Cryptocurrency is the big new thing, but for many it remains a mystery. As the value of crypto grows, people are still struggling to understand or break into the field of investment because it seems inaccessible, confusing and most of all, risky.

Buying, holding, and selling crypto is difficult for even the most tech-savvy person. Then you add the media attention that it receives and tabloid stories of intense fluctuations and tech bubble fear mongering. On the surface, for the uninitiated, cryptocurrency doesn’t look like a good investment at all.

We want to change this perception and open up the possibilities of the new crypto arena, however. Many people have and are already making good returns from investment in crypto. It is new and it is evolving, but it holds many opportunities and if we can manage the investment process for people so they feel comfortable being part of this new sector, then they will benefit financially and this is a good thing.

In order to succeed in the new order of crypto, old rules must be broken, traditional processes must be disrupted and new thinking must be applied. You see a lot of concerning behaviour in the traditional wealth-management circles. Most top tier funds which consistently out-perform the market are accessible only to sophisticated investors.

We believe crypto investment can be feasible for all types of investors including first time investors, experienced crypto investors, mum and dad investors and high net worth investors. In fact, most Surge investors are in their 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. We’ve taken a continuous improvement approach, and we’re totally open to learning more from others in the industry in order to improve the experience for our customers, developing a proprietary trading system powered by algorithm and machine learning to appeal to next generation investors and those looking to get involved in the world’s newly formed “third investment” sector.

The crypto economy has delivered a total shake up of what we think about financial systems. It could be the biggest wealth redistribution catalyst ever. Crypto has the potential to be accessible to anyone and we have the opportunity to completely change the face of finance and investment.

I believe crypto is the “go to” form of investment and I see our role in expanding this and making it a mainstream option for all savvy investors.

Gary Ng, Founder, Surge Investments

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