Why small businesses must use insight-driven, people-based marketing

Customer data generated from technology such as guest WiFi and mobile apps gives small businesses powerful customer insight. Businesses must now use this insight driven technology to provide a people-based marketing approach. 

What is people-based marketing?

People-based marketing puts people first. Instead of focusing on the targeting of devices and technology, a people-based strategy will give your small business the tools to target customers as individuals; offering a cohesive customer experience by tracking their journey across multiple devices and channels. This is a huge shift from traditional marketing, but it’s one customers now expect and react positively to. 

People-based marketing allows your business to establish genuine human connections while providing timely and engaging experiences for each customer. Not only will this increase the interaction-value for customers, but it will also make your small business marketing more efficient; helping to deliver a more loyal customer base. And every small business needs loyal customers.

People-based marketing will allow your business to:

  • Target each individual with personalised and relevant communications
  • Increase customer loyalty with value-added streams
  • Create a consistent brand experience 

People-based marketing: accurate identification is essential

Identity resolution is central to people-based marketing. This will accurately identify individual customers no matter how they interact with your brand, for example, via mobile, web browser or tablet. This is much more effective than a previous cookie-based approach; allowing you to segment and target much more effectively.

Customer identities established in your small business database are linked to mobile devices such as smartphones. Logged-in interactions and devices can be linked with customer data segments, supporting collected data to boost future marketing campaigns. 

Why a people-based approach is great for small business marketing

Identity resolution is a goldmine for your small business marketing; telling you who your customers are and how they interact at every touchpoint. Direct mail, email, social media and web ads can all be tailored and personalised for each individual, reacting to customer insight data quickly and easily. As a result, you’ll be able to maximise and amplify your brand values in every communication.

Three ways use people-based marketing in your small business strategy

Here are three ways to strengthen your marketing with a people-based approach.

1. Use automation to create a people-based approach

Quality data collected from guest WiFi, email, social media and website touchpoints allows brands to segment, personalise and provide value with relevant and automated communications. Use automation in your small business to:

  • Send push messages to customers based on location.
  • Ask for reviews and feedback automatically after every customer interaction.
  • Direct customers through a relevant customer journey based on their previous interactions.

2. Target new leads based on current customer insight

Every small business wants new customer leads. A data-rich, people based approach makes this easy. Use this data to give your lead generation some oomph, target prospects that look exactly like your best customers. Use data on interactions, spend history and response to your marketing campaigns in the past to identify your best customers.

3. Combine people-based marketing with email for real marketing power

Email is a great marketing tool for small businesses and using it in combination with people driven insight will give it real power. Use their identification data to personalise with name and demographic information, but also send behavioural emails that respond to their past interactions immediately.

To wrap up

Small businesses must embrace the potential of people-based marketing; increasing customer value and ROI for the business. It’s a huge marketing paradigm shift, but one that will yield better and lasting engagement when done well.

Hannah Hambleton, Content Manager, Beambox

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