Top tips to saving on business phone bills

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It looks like tough times ahead for small-business owners. If you’re looking for ways you can save, take a closer look at your business phone costs.

Here are some expert tips to help you get a better deal.

Stop paying phone line rental

One of the biggest fixed costs is phone line rental. This is the monthly fee that telcos charge to keep your phone and fax numbers connected. It’s a difficult cost to cut because if you disconnect your phone line it means that customers can no longer contact you.

The solution is to switch to a VoIP phone system like Connexus CloudLine. Using VoIP technology, calls are delivered over the internet. If you have Naked ADSL, NBN or a 4G mobile plan then no phone line rental is required. You can ditch the costly connections and save a bundle.

Stop paying for calls

Call rates are a big factor in your monthly bill. These rates are the “per minute” or “per call” charges when you ring landlines, mobiles or international destinations. Call charges are just a few cents, but the costs can quickly add up – especially if you’re using your phone more in lockdown.

The solution is to find a phone plan with all calls included. This gives you peace of mind, with fixed costs no matter how many calls you make. Be sure to check if your plan includes calls to mobiles and 13/1300 numbers as some ‘unlimited’ plans don’t include these popular call types.

Stay paying for extra features

If you have an office or a receptionist, chances are you’re using PBX features like Voicemail and Hunt Groups or Call Hold and Transfer. These are handy features that help you handle calls professionally. But are they included for free with your plan?

With Connexus CloudLine, you get all PBX features included for free. Plus, it’s VoIP-based so you can get rid of your costly phone lines. And all Australian landline and mobile calls are included.

If you’re looking to save money on your business phone bill you need to compare Connexus CloudLine.

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