Top services sought by Aussie SME owners revealed

Top of Australian business owners’ wishlist the help of digital freelancers to help them make the shift online, especially in creating content like YouTube videos, Instagram posts, and Squarespace websites.

According to the insights gathered from the second semi-annual Fiverr Small Business Needs Index, Australian small-business owners are working to grow their online presence to reach and engage consumers as a way to address the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic on their respective businesses. .

In detail, the services that saw the fastest-growing searches over the past six months in Australia are:

  • YouTube video editing; 175 per cent
  • Instagram post; 95 per cent
  • Squarespace web design; 46 per cent

The report highlights the fact that that content-led social media platforms including YouTube and Instagram have become popular in recent years, with an increased demand for short- and long-form video content, static images and animated posts.

“It has always been necessary for small-business owners to stay on top of the latest trends to connect with their customers,” Peggy de Lange, VP of International Expansion at Fiverr, said. “Many Australian small-business owners are adapting their online presence to set themselves up for success in the months and years to come. We are committed to identifying the types of services Australian small businesses need, and providing them with access to skilled professionals who can help them reach those goals.”

The report also reveals the top ten fastest-growing global searches over the previous six months which may indicate the other services small-business owners are interested in. They are:

  • Dropshipping; 319 per cent
  • Shopify promotion; 247 per cent
  • YouTube editing; 231 per cent
  • Front end web developer; 205 per cent
  • Product mockup; 186 per cent
  • Facebook promotion; 174 per cent
  • Social media design; 158 per cent
  • App development; 133 per cent
  • Brand name; 85 per cent
  • Customer service; 85 per cent.

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