Three ways to adapt your marketing this summer

We’ve all heard of “seasonal marketing”, and any good business owner knows well and truly how their sales fluctuate quarter to quarter.

So, putting aside all the industry buzzwords and acronyms, how can you keep your marketing message relevant this summer?

1. Use increasing temperatures to increase demand

People love summer, but they’re uncomfortable in the heat…weird how that works.

Focus on how your product or service can keep people comfortable now that temperatures are rising and the flies are coming out. The more real and vivid you can make the image, the better.

Alternatively, creative meme content geared towards your product or service can generate viral engagement – here are some examples I made for an air conditioner repair and installation business.

2. History repeats itself

And so do sales cycles – take a look at your sales data for last season and focus on what sold best. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, just pick the low-hanging fruit.

There will be some obvious standouts…More shorts and iced coffees, less skinny jeans and hoodies.

However, look at what you can upsell to compliment your existing products or services and make them more summer-proof.

For example, selling wine or spirits online? How about upselling an esky or a cooler?

3. Make yourself their New Years Resolution

It’s coming up to that time of the year where people look forward to next year and start setting goals and aspirations for who they want to be. Find a way to fit into their intrinsic wants and desires.

The easiest way to do this is to ask yourself why you would buy your product or service three to five times. That will give you some material to work with.

Let’s say you sell book.

  • Why do I buy books?To read them (duh)
  • Why? To know more about business and personal development.
  • Why? So I can learn from other people that know more than I do.
  • Why? So I can grow my business and perform at the highest level.
  • Why? So I can have the freedom and resources in my life to do what I want and be happy.

These responses will give you a list of potential new year’s resolutions. For example, we can deduce from this that education and personal development would be a new year’s resolution of mine, which could be facilitated by the habit of reading everyday.

This gives you a few potential marketing angles to work with, the obvious one being promoting the habit of reading everyday.

Brandon Willington, digital marketer and professional attention seeker

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