The future of events


It’s in our DNA to connect. Given that we could not connect in person this year, virtual platforms became accepted into our daily lives. Whether attending a webinar, work meeting, or social occasion, most of the population by now, would have used a virtual platform in replacement of an in-person event.

There has been a radical adoption of technology and virtual platforms have evolved to meet demand. During the pandemic, my company pivoted to provide virtual and hybrid events for clients.

So, what does the future of events look like? For the foreseeable future, virtual and hybrid platforms will be a popular choice. Small-business owners can plan virtual and hybrid events, without the worry of restrictions. It’s a fool-proof contingency plan that can take the stress out of connecting.

Virtual platformsthe evolution of technology

Zoom or Microsoft Teams have been the go-to solution for virtual experiences. For next-level event planning, the future is virtual event platforms that replicate the experience in a life-like space.

We have been live streaming events for the past nine months with over 88 events and helping connect over 81,000 viewers from over 104 countries. Web-streaming allows events to have larger audiences and interactive features like chat, Q&A, and polling. These features connect the audience and drive engagement.

Conferences, trade shows and award nights often take place in large scale venues. There are different areas to engage and interact with speakers and exhibitors. For small businesses looking to emulate this environment, we recommend looking at virtual event platforms. 3D event spaces help attendees to feel they have been transported to the event. The attendees can choose to navigate through the foyer, the main auditorium or smaller break out rooms. Users experience the event as they would in real-life.

Our clients highly value the opportunity to record their event in our custom-built broadcast studio. It is a great way to lift the professionalism. I really feel this is the best way to deliver virtual events.

Hybrid eventsblending in-person and virtual events

As we move out of lockdown, our clients are considering hybrid events. These are events with a small team present, which are simultaneously broadcast to a wider audience. Creating a hybrid event requires consideration of a number of factors to make all event attendees feel involved and connected.

The in-person attendees add atmosphere; a real audience with applause and laughter. This is a perfect option for businesses with team members or customers across Australia or the globe.

In a hybrid environment, your presenter and messaging will be refined and elevated. Your brand experience can be designed to meet your needs and help you stand out from the crowd.

The essence of events remains the same

While virtual events have been accepted, the essence of events remains the same. Businesses want to connect with their audiences. They want to be able to express themselves, their brands and share their unique message in their own way.

We have learnt that by helping businesses to achieve their goals, we can innovate and create solutions that work for them. Events have been our passion for 19 years. We’re excited to support the event industry and continue to lead the way with virtual and hybrid innovations.

Arosh Fernando, Founder, Woohah Productions