The expert’s rulebook to designing maximum-impact promotional materials

With the countdown on to the End of Financial Year (EOFY), here are some top tips and tricks to ensure your small business makes an impact during the upcoming sale period:

1. Make a point

It is essential that all promotional materials developed in the lead up to the End of Financial Year sales effectively capture your key messages. Whether you are launching a new product, cutting the ribbon to a new shop or, in this case, offering special promotions, you want your audience to know exactly what is happening and when. I recommend using postcards and flyers as the primary promotional materials of conveying your message quickly and easily.

2. Call to action with a deadline

Limited-time offers encourage customers to act fast. Promoting various deals such as “Return this postcard in store by August 1st to receive 20% off your next purchase”, are an efficient means of enticing customers to visit your shop and drive sales.

3. Appeal to emotion

To get the best value from your promotional materials, you should explain how your product or service benefits customers rather than simply stating what the business is. For instance, swap out “We cater parties up to 100 guests” for an emotional appeal like “You have enough on your hands already – let us take care of the food.” This formula connects customers’ needs to the value of your service.

4. Make it eye-catching

Ensure your promotional materials stand out among the cluttered EOFYS by utilising a bright colour scheme and eye-catching, relevant photographs that showcase your product or service. A clean font and spaced out formatting will make key information easier to digest and remember.

Short testimonials from satisfied customers can also be included to testify to the quality of your business. Folded leaflets are a useful option for aesthetically presenting these stories.Don’t play hide and seek

5. Don’t play hide and seek

Don’t forget to include stockist details or a map with directions to your store to make it easy for customers to find your brand.

You should also include your business’ website and social media handles to direct customers to an information hub with further information on offers and options to contact your business.

Melissa Haywood, Head of Vistaprint Australia

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