Supporting your community during COVID-19…without leaving the house

With the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic still being felt throughout our communities, organisations that rely on volunteer support have also been affected. The demand for volunteer services is increasing, especially for services supporting the elderly, vulnerable and disadvantaged. Those that typically rely on volunteers to operate have to follow the same social distancing measures that are in place across Australia, and currently urge employees and volunteers to work from home where possible.

In light of this, many of us are trying to find new ways that we can fill our time whilst remaining helpful in our community. And with our new found ways of being productive from home, there are still plenty of ways that you can volunteer remotely or online. You can help to support our community without leaving the house.

Here’s are some examples:

  • Online and over-the-phone companionship services connect volunteers with the elderly or vulnerable currently in isolation, to provide support and social connection. Connection can include simple video or phone calls once a week, playing online games, or even writing a letter or email, which can help to combat loneliness in this difficult time.
  • An upside of social isolation is that we have more time to indulge in creative pursuits, such as sewing, knitting or writing – and better yet, we can use these pursuits to help others. For example, there are plenty of opportunities for copywriting and content creation for not-for-profits’ social-media channels.
  • You can support young people in your community from home, by helping tutor students, or even by mentoring online. The Beacon Foundation uses online mentors to help people to get ahead professionally, whether it be budding tradies or young women who have recently graduated from high school. Typically, volunteers talk to small groups via webcam, covering topics like work-readiness, teamwork and resilience, while also offering guidance on career options.

If you are willing and interested, you can volunteer in person. Due to increased demand for volunteers as a result of COVID-19, SEEK Volunteer has introduced a specific COVID-19 category search filter, which will show you the different ways you can help those in need. Currently on SEEK Volunteer, there are opportunities including delivering groceries and necessities to the doorsteps of those who can’t leave their homes, preparing care boxes of donated goods, and becoming a volunteer translator for the vulnerable trying to access information and services.

While supporting your community may seem overwhelming at this time, it’s important to know that there are volunteering opportunities that are suitable for every individual’s situation. Whether you are willing and able to support those who are in need or would prefer a role that can be undertaken remotely, there is sure to be an opportunity that suits on SEEK Volunteer.

Rebecca Miller, Head of SEEK Volunteer

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