Social media marketing FAQs

In the grand timeline of tech, social media marketing is still a relatively new channel for generating leads and sales for businesses in any industry. So it’s understandable for it to be misunderstood. Especially if you’re a business owner who has 1000+ other things to worry about.

The purpose of this article is to help remove some of the confusion or misunderstandings about social media marketing. Pieced together from countless conversations I’ve had with small-business owners.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, (and the answers…)

Do my page likes matter?

For social proof? Yes.

For making you money? No.

If you want to be viewed as the leading authority in your industry, then yes, your page likes matter. Social proof can be a strong mechanic of influence.

But page likes is what I refer to as “vanity metrics”, often we focus on it too much just because we feel insecure when someone else has more than us.

Page likes does not equal sales.

Sales comes as a result of driving relevant and qualified traffic through your sales or lead gen funnel. That traffic does not necessarily have to come from people that like your page.

What’s a funnel?

A funnel is essentially an online machine made up of ads, emails and pages you can build where you spend money driving traffic into it, and then some of that traffic will convert into leads or sales.

Just like a funnel, it’s wide at the top as you drive lots of traffic into it, but narrow at the bottom as only some of those people will convert into leads or sales.

What’s the Facebook Pixel?

The Facebook Pixel is a little piece of code we can install on our website to track who visits our web pages, and what they did (eg. add to cart, purchase, etc.)

Here’s a common example you’ve probably experienced…

Have you ever looked at a pair of shoes online, maybe added it to your cart, and then that exact same pair of shoes followed you around on Facebook?

Facebook Pixel.

I’ve boosted my posts but never get any sales, does that mean Facebook Ads don’t work for my industry?

The blue boost button you hit is the most basic and least profitable form of advertising you can do on Facebook.

It’s simply optimised to show the post to whoever has spare space on their newsfeed.

There are a number of other objectives and strategies available in Ads Manager that are optimised for you to sell stuff or generate leads, not just show it to more people – There’s a difference.

How much do I have to spend on ads?

As much as you want to.

Often when I have conversations with business owners who want me to run their ads, they have the “spend as little as possible” mindset – Which is the completely wrong way to think about ad expenditure.

As long as your ad spend is generating a positive return on investment, you want to be spending as much as reasonably possible, because the more you spend, the more you will earn back.

Imagine you have a magical genie that gives you $25 back for every $1 you give it.

How much would you give the genie?

My customer isn’t on Facebook.

There’s over 17 million Australians on Facebook, yes they are.

Brandon Willington, digital marketer and professional attention seeker