SMEs eyeing local talent, digital shift in their pandemic response

Australian small-business owners have been turning to skilled local freelancers and boosting their online presence through digital marketing efforts as a way to continue being connected with their customers and to keep their cashflow positive in the midst of the pandemic.

The Fiverr Small Business Sentiment Survey, commissioned by freelancing marketplace Fiverr and conducted by independent researchers PureProfile between 17 and 22 July, surveyed 500 Australian business owners that employ between one and 50 people. It found that four in five business owners would rather pay more for an Aussie freelancer rather than send work offshore, even though that would mean lower workforce costs.

With regards to government response, the majority of the small-business owners feel satisfied with the efforts at the Federal level, a sentiment shared for the state administrations of New South Wales and Queensland. On the other hand, Victoria’s small-business owners were dissatisfied by the efforts of their state government.

Despite the current challenges they are facing, more than half the small-business owners remain optimistic about the future.

“Despite the shock of COVID-19, Australian small businesses owners remain resilient, optimistic and resourceful,” Fiverr Vice President of International Expansion, Peggy de Lange, said.

“They are engaging more adaptive teams, embracing remote work and moving online. They are embracing skilled local freelancers who are helping them find new ways to connect with customers in a rapidly changing world.”

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