Rebuilding and resilience: the art of regaining control

In the blink of an eye, life has changed. How we do business is evolving at a pace that many of us never thought possible.

From corporations to small to medium business and even leadership coaches – we all have something in common; surviving a global pandemic. As the world navigates what lockdown, self-isolation and quarantine mean – it’s the survival of the fittest.

While we do our best to stay healthy and safe from COVID-19, there is no time like right now than to go within to build resilience and focus on ourselves as the leaders of our businesses. We need to assess and take action on the changes necessary to meet what is likely to be a new normal.

For many of us, the fast pace of life we endured pre-pandemic has slowed. But whether you are working from home, facing a business shut down (temporary or permanent) or spending long days isolated with your nearest and dearest your role as a business leader shouldn’t be on hold. 

If we use the time we have wisely, we can reflect and redesign our lives, our businesses and our roles as leaders. The simple things in life have a different meaning now. 


Use this time to get your personal and business lives in order – identify what you need to sort out to build resilience.

The key here is taking time out to review what you’ve been doing, your role as a leader, your business model, customer base and the team of people you rely on to do what you do. 

Past vs present

To create the momentum to move forward by developing a view of your business’ past (how you started, why and your initial objectives), and then a picture of your present status (pre and current pandemic).

Future focus

Develop a checklist of what’s working and look at what’s an opportunity to evolve.

Don’t wait to be told you need to change by someone else. Be the leader of your life and know more than ever; it’s time to act. Design your destiny. Form a plan focused on the future and where you want to be to lead your business.

Pre-pandemic, many leaders have been time-poor and asset-rich or just time-poor and unable to make the changes they knew they needed or wanted.

As you define your direction, build your resilience:

  • Remain flexible and curious: strong leaders embrace change. So, adapt to it, and know that you can influence it on your terms for you.
  • Be clear and act decisively to minimise business disruption and impacts to servicing customers.
  • Communicate: keep communication channels open, transparent and consistent with your employees, customers and competitors. People who are informed become your advocates, supporters or cheerleaders.
  • Identify and develop new skills and abilities: look at what support you need, and challenge your employees to join you in learning new skills and strengths and in the process, identify potential /emerging leaders. Consider possible changes in your industry.

Before you can figure what the future is for you, you’ll need to reset your current starting position. Here are a few steps to get you going.

  1. Get clear on what it is that you are passionate about (think big) 
  2. Map out your goals – what are you focused on if you don’t have goals?
  3. Be present to your passion every day – own it. Turn up for yourself every single day.

Rediscover the joy in your journey – embrace what puts joy into your life and share your secret with others.

Lynda Tregoweth, Entrepreneur and Business Coach

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