Q&A: The innovators offering a chemical-free alternative to chronic pain relief

This week we chat to Suzieanne Baxter, co-founder alongside Claire Dunkley, of Queensland-based pain relief clinic Cluzie. Horrified by how many Australians suffer chronic pain, and by the number of tablets they take to alleviate said pain, Claire and Suzie set out to develop a chemical-free alternative solution to the problem.

ISB: What was the inspiration behind Cluzie?

SB: Working in hospitals as a registered nurse for the last 20 years, Claire has seen people getting sicker, not better. According to Deloitte Economics, 3.24 million Australians were living with chronic pain in 2018. She witnessed the current “default” solution in mainstream healthcare was to pop a pill – 10,756 people per day receiving pharmacotherapy in 2017/8.

It was very obvious that BIG-Pharma was BIG business, and the patient side effects of taking many of these medications were almost worse than the original problem. Claire just knew there had to be an effective alternative. Upon discovering Amino Neuro Frequency (ANF) therapy, and witnessing the immediate results patients got without the use of chemicals, substances or drugs, Cluzie Clinic was born.

ISB: Please tell us briefly about the benefits of Amino Neuro Frequency therapy over more traditional forms of pain relief, and how it works.

SB: We’re all familiar with an ECG which measures the electrical frequency of the heart. What many people don’t realise is that our whole body is made up of these types of electrical currents, all operating at different frequencies. Just like a defibrillator resets the heart’s rhythm or frequency, ANF therapy resets the other frequencies inside the body.

Traditional pain-relief masks the symptoms. ANF therapy works at the source of the issue for the body to self-heal and regulate through the use of frequency emitting wearable devices – ANF discs. Being drug-free, chemical-free and non-invasive therapy, the benefits of ANF therapy are huge. The therapy works fast with our aim of reducing pain by 50 per cent within 15 minutes of application, and by working on the source of the pain, the effect has a long-term impact.

The first phase is to use specific discs to reduce pain and inflammation. Second phase is to regenerate the area through use of stem-cell discs. Third phase is to maintain optimal health with specific vitamin and antioxidant discs. All discs are placed externally at very specific sites around the body.

ISB: What was the biggest challenge you faced in getting the enterprise off the ground?

SB: Nobody Google’s “Nurse with ANF Therapy” for pain-relief … yet. Gaining the trust of people to try an unknown new health technology that speaks about “frequency” has been our biggest challenge.

However, when the biggest sceptic gives it a go, the look on their face from going from 10 out of 10 pain upon palpation, to 0-5 out of 10 pain within moments of disc application, is priceless. These are our favourite clinical moments.

ISB: I understand you have diversified your offering, having established the clinic – please tell us briefly how you’ve done that.

SB: Claire was one of the first three health practitioners in the world to be trained to the highest level in ANF Therapy. In order to have a greater impact on Australian wellbeing and health, she now educates other health professionals in ANF Therapy via our Cluzie Academy.

Through Cluzie Distribution, we now import and distribute ANF discs to all Australian and New Zealand ANF-trained health practitioners; making it possible for next day deliveries.

ISB: How do you envisage Cluzie developing in the next couple of years??

SB: The next few years are going to be exciting times for team Cluzie as our aim is to have ANF Therapy become a household name and to become known as the wellness way of the future. We plan to develop holistic clinics with health practitioners from many approved modalities, trained in ANF disc therapy and getting quick and sustained results for their clients. And we aim to persuade hospital administrators to bring ANF therapy into the hospital arena as the primary chronic pain health solution.

ISB: Finally, what is the number one lesson you’ve learnt on your journey you’d share with others looking to start their own business?

SB: Our number one lesson is CONSISTENCY. It underpins all of our business success. Whether it is being consistent in our marketing efforts, our social media content, our time management processes, our commitment to strategy sessions, our client procedural experiences; it all comes down to consistency.

When we set ourselves up for success with structure for consistent efforts in all of the above items, we have success.