Newly launched benefits platform offers small business tools to overcome COVID-19 challenges

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Reward Gateway is offering one month of free access to its newly launched small business employee engagement platform to Australian businesses with fewer than 100 employees.

The new platform, called Reward Gateway for Small Business, will help small businesses boost team motivation and wellbeing by giving staff access to employee benefits, recognition and wellbeing in one user-friendly hub.

Many employees are currently facing more challenging working conditions, either working remotely in isolation or facing new ways of working. Employers are now looking for ways to connect their workforce, and support their financial, physical and mental wellbeing. This new offer helps small businesses do just that in an affordable way and no long-term commitment.

The platform gives instant access to proven technology that can help extend staff pay, create a culture of appreciation and promote employee physical, mental and financial wellbeing.

With free access for one month, Reward Gateway aims to support small Australian businesses through Covid-19. Evan Smith, Employee Engagement Consultant at Reward Gateway, explained why employee engagement, morale and wellbeing is more important than ever before.

“An engaged employee makes better decisions, is more innovative and more

productive. By supporting employee wellbeing and making them feel recognised for their commitment and contributions, small businesses can create a workforce that will help their companies evolve and grow during and post COVID-19,” Evan said.

Evan also shared a cautionary message for those business owners who ignore employee engagement at this critical time.

“As businesses, we need to recognise that we’re asking a lot of our staff at the moment. It is unlikely there will be any Christmas parties or pay-rises this year, and without any real effort to boost employee motivation and wellbeing, companies risk giving the impression that they don’t care, and effectively disengage their workforce. With free access to Reward Gateway for Small Business, they have the tools to change that,” Evan continued.

The new small business engagement platform comes with a ‘Netflix-style’ subscription model. Companies can sign up or cancel anytime without any fees or charges. This gives business owners the budgeting control they need after the free period has ended. Once invited, employees will have access to employee discounts on everyday essentials, expert wellbeing advice and employee recognition tools.

The free month initiative will be especially beneficial for workers in the lead up to Christmas. With access to unbeatable savings at hundreds of Australian retailers, employees will be able to stretch their salaries further.

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