New-age printers a boon for small business and the environment

A new range of products from Epson will empower SME owners across a gamut of sectors including food, chemical, beverage, horticulture and logistics to boost their productivity while reducing their environmental footprint.

The company’s EcoTank printers are refilled with ink bottles rather than cartridges, cutting landfill, and the heat-free ink jet technology means they use one eighth the power of a comparable laser printer. Alongside the sustainable advantage these printers offer is enhanced efficiency, with fewer moving parts and no drum improving reliability and speed of operation – a five-page document takes 30 seconds less to print using heat-free technology than a traditional laser printer.

“Printing shouldn’t be something you only do if you have to, the sustainability of Eco Tank allows you to do it because you want to, when you want to,” Craig Heckenberg, Managing Director of Epson Australia, said at the launch of the new range last week.

“If every laser copier in Australia was replaced with the PrecisionCore technology that drives these products the environmental impact would be the equivalent of taking 4000 cars off our roads every year.”

Given the opportunity to see the new products in action at the launch, it is evident that boosting small businesses’ productivity is a major focus of the company’s R&D, with a whole range of industry

sectors potentially able to enhance their offering.

For sole operators and home-based businesses the ET-1110 includes enough ink to print up to 3600 pages in black and white and 6500 in colour, the equivalent to about 139 individual cartridges, and five new mono models for business purposes come with two years’ ink and connect wirelessly to print directly from PC, Mac and mobile apps – functionality that also applies to ColorWorks C6010 and C6510 label printers, creating new opportunities for small-business manufacturers.

The new range of printers also caters for the needs of professional photographers and graphic designers, with the new SureColor FP9560 providing professional proofing and rapid throughput for high-volume production. For small textile and fabric businesses, the SureColor F9460H offers 15 litres of continuous ink supply and the ability to reproduce fluorescent colours, giving them the ability print sharp, radiant designs onto higher volumes of clothes and fabrics more cost effectively that they have been able to previously.

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