New decade, new vision…and one you can bring to life

Often, business goals are similar to New Year resolutions. They are exciting, full of hope and wonder in January, then as the year unfolds, they fade away, getting mixed up with or diluted by the day to day operation of the business (emails, daily demands, staffing challenges etc). Suddenly, we’ve lost sight of our goals and our vision for our business and the year.

However, there are ways to ensure 2020 isn’t another year where your goals are not realised. You can make 2020 the year when you reach all your goals and surpass your vision. It all starts with being bold and dreaming big as your craft your 2020 vision story and statement.

Step 1 – daydreaming

Yes daydreaming! Remember, Napoleon Hill was the master who said, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” So your 2020 success needs to start in your mind!

Take time to reflect on 2019 and identify what positives you will carry forward into 2020. Daydream and see yourself 31st December 2020, sitting back and reflecting on the year that was and actually see your successes.

Your December 2020 Daydream could include:

  • What you see, hear, feel and do?
  • What your business looks like after a successful year?
  • What you hear your team and clients saying?
  • What problem or challenge have your solved for your clients?

Use your daydream to start building your vision story.

Step 2 – your vision

From your vision story, identify the key themes, the key words, the key messages and use these to create your vision statement.

Your vision statement needs to be easily repeatable by you and others. The vision statement needs to be written in the present tense as though you have already achieved your vision. The language you use needs to be hypnotic and powerful.

Having created your vision statement and

vision story, you need to start sharing it will others, starting with your team.

Step 3 – share it

Let your team know that you have been working on a vision statement and story for 2020 and that you would like their feedback.

Show your passion and enthusiasm when sharing vision statement and story. Go into your vision story and live the experience yourself, this will make the story come alive and create a deeper connection with the audience.

Watch for their reactions, notice if they are feeling the story and connecting with the vision. Afterwards ask for their feedback:

  • What did they think, feel about the vision for 2020?
  • Did they see how they will play a vital part in our 2020 vision success?
  • Can they feel or see the impact on our clients when we are achieving our vision?
  • What, if any, changes would they like to see made to the vision? This one is the hard one, it is your business, your vision. That said if you want to realise your vision in 2020 then you need your team to ‘buy into’ the vision and make it their own, so you can all work as a team to achieve it.

Step 4 – bring it to life

Create visually appealing images of your vision statement and key phrases from your story vision and display in your workplace, on your website and social media. You want to be reminding people of the vision throughout the year.

Share your story vision online and offline. Create a short video and post it on your website,  on social media and use when speaking at events.

Keep your 2020 vision front and centre as you plan your business activities for 2020.

Kaylene Ledgar, Communication Coach and author of “Speaking, It’s NOT Worse Than Death”

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