Music makes better entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs live busy lives as it is, which are often filled with stress and pressure from various angles. With the challenges that the current crisis brings and the uncertainty that the future beholds, they need more than ever to turn to methods and solutions that can contribute to their mental health. Music is one tool that brings energy to a lethargic mind and respite to a weary soul.

Let’s see how busy entrepreneurs use music as they go through the rigours of their journeys.

“Music is good to start your day and end your night”

For me, there is nothing like a hard trance to move your stress levels and get the energy flowing. As COVID hit, I started running and listening to hardcore trance which stopped any negative thought patterns and got me pumped for the day.

I start my mornings with energy-boosting music. I listen to hard trance anthems. I highly recommend this strategy if you are experiencing any negative thought patterns because the music is so intense and loud that you just have no place for any thoughts. During stressful times, having an empty mind is the best place to go for a mental break. It is very easy to start with this music because your mind is not exhausted from the day.”

This is in stark contrast as to how I end my days. When I want to relax at the end of a night, I often enjoy pure silence. I find this extremely relaxing. I became accustomed to this after spending years doing meditation. If I do listen to music at the end of a day, it has to be classical as I find it dissolves my day into pure bliss. Pretty extreme change from my morning music, I know. My brain is fairly exhausted from the day, so silence or listening to classical music works for me. Something like Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky, The Four Seasons by Vivaldi or even Rigoletto by Pavarotti – all great stress busters!

“Music is core to me as an individual”

Dean Cherny has been in the music industry for so many years. He is the CEO and Founder of Marketing Melodies and storePlay, as well as Managing Director of DJ Dimension – all of which are related to music. “As you might expect, music plays a massive part in my wellbeing. It is core to me as an individual and something that compliments almost every part of my life. From training in the morning to hanging out with the kids, I love having a soundtrack to everything I do,” Dean remarked.

“Music has a huge effect on my wellbeing”

“I would go as far as to say it’s the single most important thing in my day-to-day life,” John Liston, Director at Liston Newton Advisory, said. “I have Spotify on throughout the entire day. I use it for energy and momentum when doing work. I use a good song to celebrate a win during the day or to get my energy back up if it’s been a hard day. I use it when cooking dinner and spending time with the kids to make things more upbeat and fun.”

“Music has a significant effect on my mood and my emotions”

WeTeachMe Founder Kym Huynh finds music as an integral part of the human experience. “I use it to lift my mood and comfort, boost general happiness, and reduce anxiety. For me, music is an easy – and powerful – way to transform how I feel and, consequently, how I think,” Kym said.

Tui Cordemans, Member, EO Melbourne and Director, Koh Living

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