Making content that connects

The three keys to content marketing.

“Content marketing” is one of those buzzwords that self-proclaimed social media marketing experts (such as myself) like to throw around – but what does it mean exactly?

Here, I’m going to break down the three main things you need to keep in mind when developing your brand’s content marketing strategy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a cafe, a nightclub, or if you’re selling Facebook Ad courses for $997 – a strategy is crucial for everyone who wants to succeed on social media.

Become one with your customer avatar

You need to know your ideal customer like you know your best friend. Why? Because you can talk to your best friend for hours without disengaging. The goal of content marketing is to show them something they can also relate to – that’s why we tag our friends in LADbible videos that remind us of them.

I don’t just mean simple demographics like age, location, education. Go deeper into what defines them as a person …

  • What do they do first thing in the morning?
  • What celebrity gossip do they care about?
  • What inside jokes do they share with their friends or colleagues?
  • What phrases do they say everyday to their friends?
  • What are their hopes and dreams?
  • Do they still have embarrassing photos of their emo phase in high school?

Tell them a story

The human brain is geared to connect with stories. We love a narrative, a hero, a villain, a struggle and a triumphant climax – it’s what keeps us hooked and engaged in the brand.

“You need to know your ideal customer like you know your best friend.”

Think of your brand story in two different dimensions: long and short. The long story is the story of your brand from its inception: who started the business, why they started it, what obstacles were in the way and how the brand overcame them to get where it is today. The short story is current events – perhaps a funny message from a customer, some funny security camera bloopers, a recent

achievement or recognition in the media.

Trending events create trending content

Earlier I mentioned how one of the keys to content marketing is the customer’s ability to relate to it – trending or viral events hold a lot of points in this department.

Take, for example, this piece of content I created for Arcade Nightclub on my phone, sitting on my couch, roughly 10 minutes after the Khabib vs McGregor UFC fight that went viral for Khabib jumping the Octagon fence and attacking McGregor’s team.

This piece of content was successful for two main reasons. First, it took advantage of a trending event and was timed perfectly. Second, it connected with the customer avatar and an inside joke – trying to jump the beer garden fence to get into a club when security refuses you entry.

At the end of the day, content marketing is not always going to be the strategy that converts impressions into high ticket sales. It is, however, the strategy that makes your ideal customer develop warm, fuzzy feelings towards you and maybe visit your website, follow your social media, or opt into a mailing list.

Brandon Willington, digital marketer and professional attention seeker

This story first appeared in issue 26 of the Inside Small Business quarterly magazine.

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