Label preferences of consumers revealed

Research released by online label manufacturer Prime Labels has revealed that colour and finish is what consumers value most when it comes to standout product labels.

The research, conducted to coincide with the launch of Prime Labels into the Australian market, has given craft producers and business owners new insight into what matters to their target audience when developing product labels for their business.

In 2018 the NSW Government redefined the definition of the “artisan food and drink industry” as products for “consumers who want an alternative to mass-manufactured offerings” in order to provide clarity for the growing artisan and craft food and drink market in NSW and Australia.

Respondents placed equal importance (35 per cent) on the colour of a craft label and the finish of a craft label, demonstrating that although a brand name and brand identity is vital to conveying a product message, it is also the label itself that can be a potential purchase driver.

Finishing power

Almost three quarters (73 per cent) of consumers agree that a label has the power to make a craft food or drink product feel premium. The research revealed that gold and silver are the colours that enable a product to feel premium. Consumers believe a metallic finish (21 per cent) on a label would contribute to driving a higher price point and present a premium craft food or drink product to the market.

Interestingly, when it comes to craft brands standing out amongst others, the research found that 35 per cent of consumers preferred a matte finish to a gloss finish (26 per cent). And while a matt finish is the most successful way to communicate a product that is of craft origin, only 9 per cent of consumers felt a transparent label was the best finish for a label.

But it’s not only greater appeal to a craft product that a matte finish can add. The Prime Labels research revealed that 63 per cent of those surveyed also associate a matte finish with “eco-friendly”. In terms of label materials, paper is the most popular material for a craft food or drink label (55 per cent).

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