How wellbeing apps can increase willpower at work

If you talk to any employee, you’ll find that low motivation is a common theme. In this day and age, where we are constantly on the go, inundated and living a 24/7 life, it is no wonder that we feel the strain, lack discipline and are constantly distracted.

Psychological studies have found that when consumers are given more options, decision-making and motivation to choose do not increase, but rather decreases. These findings were the result of a jam jar study, in which it was found that the more flavours of jam there are to choose from, the less likely a decision is to be made. Why? Because too much choice leads to feeling overwhelmed.

We are living in an overstimulated world. Technology, whilst bringing so much efficiency and connection, can also lead to feeling like we simply cannot switch off. Because of this, many of us feel frazzled, disorientated, lack motivation and procrastinate when it comes to achieving our goals. But, what if we can use technology to our advantage?

Apps and wellbeing at work

Let’s face it, many of us have dreams and desires. We all want to achieve our goals in life, even if we don’t know exactly what these goals are yet. For a lot of people, achieving goals stems from having willpower. Willpower is what gives us the discipline to achieve goals, even when difficulties arise. It is also willpower that is missing in many people, meaning they don’t have the self-discipline to go out and chase their dreams.

We may see issues with motivation take place at work. Motivation is contagious, and if one member of the team starts achieving their goals, feeling optimistic, and doing well at work, it can inspire others to do the same. This is the social contagion aspect of motivation. We can emulate success and willpower from others.

The importance of willpower

You may be wondering how you learn willpower in the first place. Willpower is a learned trait. We can learn and unlearn behaviours, utilising cognitive behavioural techniques to do so. We don’t need a coach or a therapist to help us with this, as a new breed of apps can help teach us the techniques we need. The good thing? After a little while, willpower becomes second nature to you. This is due to the neuroplastic nature of the brain; we essentially rewire neural pathways, changing our long-term behavioural responses as a result.

Some apps can help us learn and unlearn behavioural patterns. They’re a much more cost-effective alternative to hiring consultants and coaches, meaning that small businesses can benefit from the best of thought leadership for a fraction of the price. We believe that every company, no matter what size, should have a fulfilled, motivated team of employees.

Utilising an app that helps learn and unlearn behavioural responses is perfect for organisational wellbeing. Staff can learn how to sleep better, with tips on sleep hygiene; eat healthier, with advice on food and mood; learn productivity hacks that help them become more efficient, motivated employees; and, understand ways to lift your mood, control your anxious thoughts, and relax more.

Callum Weir, Marketing Manager, Willpower App

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