How to successfully launch your business

Launching a business is an involved and complex task that requires the consideration of many factors. But with the right planning and preparation, it’s possible to set yourself up for a highly visible, well-received launch. So, how does one go about it?

The first step is entering and maximizing the “Pre-launch phase”. This is the time prior to beginning operations that is critical for maximising exposure of your brand and building excitement and anticipation around it. Doing this effectively will mean that when you do finally launch, you’ve already got a line of customers just waiting for the moment they can click “buy now”.

Things to consider before you launch include:

  • Understanding how your business will work from an operational point of view: What are you providing and how will you provide it to the customer? What platforms will you use to communicate to your customer? Without an in-depth business plan, you won’t know what you’re doing when or how, leaving not very much to launch at all!
  • Your competitive advantage: Having a thorough understanding of your product and being able to demonstrate how it is at least 20 per cent better than your direct competitors is helpful.
  • Ensure you have a great brand story: The human brain is wired to respond to an interesting and well-told narrative. It’s the best way to capture attention and embed information into your audience’s brains.

Once these are locked in, it’s time to actively prepare for the launch. Therefore, things to execute beforehand should include:

  • Testing for feedback: It’s useful to start testing your product on some market research participants to iron out any kinks in your product or service’s functions and features. This can inform what aspects you highlight in your launch as well as give you some insight into any improvements you need to make beforehand.
  • Launch your socials: A great way to build hype and brand awareness is to launch your socials before you launch your business. Tease your offering and get people interested, so they’re more receptive when you do finally launch.
  • Full-on teaser campaign: Working hand in hand with your socials, create a pre-launch teaser campaign on your website to build hype and create FOMO. A great landing page where consumers can pre-order products in limited quantities and some social activities (giveaways, etc.) are all recommended as great ways to establish a customer base.

Additionally, your pre-launch activities should also include considerations such as:

  • Knowing when to launch: If your product has been well received in the market research you conducted and the participants were eager for more, then you know the time is now.
  • Building social momentum: Influencers, consistent posting, user-generated content, community engagement – these are all key ways to build your brand.
  • Going out with a bang: Think about how to make the biggest impact come launch time, is it a launch party, influencers collaboration, advertising campaigns? Plan your launch and make it memorable.
  • An integrated PR strategy: PR can be a powerful way to get brand exposure, think about your target audience and the channels that will speak to them the most.

As the saying goes, “fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” This couldn’t be more true when it comes to launching a business. The work you put in prior to launching has the potential to see you through far into your business’ journey and sets the foundations for a successful trading lifetime. I strongly believe that if the decisions you make beforehand are realistic, considered and come with contingency plans, you can most certainly facilitate achievable, scalable success within your business.

Talia Datt, Founder & Director, The Social Cliq and Co-founder, Tapt By Hatch

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