How to stay focused on your business goals

Success does not happen overnight. It requires determination and willpower. If you read any book on achieving business success, you will find that the chapter on “determination” is usually the longest.

Most people think those who succeed in business are blessed with an abundant supply of determination compared to everybody else. However, if you ask any successful CEO, founder or businessman, they will tell you, the secret is not actually being more determined than their peers, but rather, knowing how to effectively harness your mind and stay focused.

Here are a few methods on how you can stay focused on your business goals in 2020.

Remind yourself of your business goals

Create a system that serves as a constant reminder of your business goals. You can create mind movies or a vision board. It is crucial to remind yourself why you are reaching for these goals.

For example, let’s say you want to start a charity in a third world country. Clearly imagine your vision and do this on a daily basis. Doing a simple exercise like visualising how you want your charity to look and operate for five minutes a day will help your mind stay on track. I recommend:

  • Focusing on your why.
  • Getting a mentor to keep you on track.
  • Reflecting on what would happen if you don’t achieve those goals
  • Keeping strong daily little goals that get you to your big goal.
  • Rewarding yourself when you hit that massive goal in the end.

The more detailed your mental picture is, the better. Become involved emotionally by adding videos or even music to your vision to heighten emotion. This increases your motivation and keeps you focused on your business goals.

Regenerate energy

When you work on something and feel your energy fading, take a quick break. Stretch, run, or walk. Do what helps you regenerate focus and energy so you can go back to your business tasks with sharper mental focus and renewed vigour.

Get rid of distractions

Deal with real emergencies when they come up. Most situations these days tend to be distractions and not emergencies. Get rid of time-wasting distractions and focus on business-tasks. Spend less time in trivial activities. You will also build an image of a focused, strong-willed person who is quite busy, which can only be good for business.

Do the hardest tasks first

Fretting and dreading difficult business tasks won’t make them any easier. Instead, dig in and do them first. Doing the hardest job first frees up your energy for all the easier tasks. Tough jobs are also best done in the morning since this is when you have the most energy, and your mind is sharp from all that coffee.

We recommend:

  • doing the hardest tasks first
  • staying focused on your goals
  • learning to shut out all the noise that distracts you from being truly productive
  • understanding there’s a difference between being busy and being productive.

Schedule everything the day before

Set up each day the night before. Make your to-do list the day before each day. I.e. What you are going to wear, which route you are taking to work and what you plan to eat saves you time. Business and personal expenditures need to be included. Don’t surf or check emails before you finish your nightly checklist.

The next day, stick to your schedule. Planning ahead keeps you on top of things. You are in control, with no wasted energy and time. This helps you stay focused on your business goals.

Jacob Galea, Founder and CEO of GCORP Advisory and Paul Getter, CEO, The Internet Marketing Nerds

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