How to cultivate a stand-out company culture

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With many Australians spending over 40 hours in the office each week, finding enjoyment at work is more important than ever.

As a business owner, I believe that coming to work isn’t just about sitting at a desk all day – I want our staff to enjoy coming to work in the knowledge that my business is investing in them as much as they invest in it.

Since Hub Australia launched in 2011, member and staff happiness have been key priorities for me, to create a company culture that encourages productivity and growth. For me, investing in creating a positive working experience for every person who steps into one of our coworking spaces is paramount.

Creating a stand-out work culture that gives back to team members is the basis of everything we do at Hub Australia. It has a beneficial impact on how our staff and members experience their time when at one of our spaces.

If you are looking to create an inspiring workplace culture, here are my top suggestions:

Give back to the community (and let employees have choice)

Having a sense of purpose at work is becoming increasingly important to the younger workforce. Committing to creating a rewarding and fulfilling professional experience can go a long way to creating staff satisfaction. Initiatives like paid volunteer leave each year to spend with a not-for-profit or purposedriven business of their choice or giving team members the opportunity to make a charitable donation of their choice, can help to foster a collective sense of purpose within a company.

Consider your impact

Having an awareness of impact and how your business affects the “bigger picture” of the world will not only be good for the planet, but also staff attraction and retention, with many newer additions to the workforce claiming they would prefer to work for a business that lives something bigger.

With this goal of living something bigger, Hub Australia is one of Australia’s first B Corp certified businesses and donates one per cent of its total membership capacity to a range of purpose-driven ventures through its member Impact Program, supporting smaller businesses and organisations as they work to change the world.

Encourage connection in different ways

For me, a big part of creating a company culture is offering different ways for members to connect through a range of events to suit all interests. This includes panel talks on insightful topics, weekly “wine downs” where members can connect and enjoy a drink together, fortnightly breakfast networking, and bi-monthly “Wellness Days”, where members and teams can incorporate self-care into their workday.

Continuity is key

The key thing to remember is that a great work culture doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and commitment and is something that, as a business and business owner, you must commit to and nourish for it to be effective over time.

Brad Krauskopf, Founder and CEO, Hub Australia

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