How immersive teleconferencing technology can reduce the cost and time of doing business

We live, work and play in a digitally connected world, so the reach and impact of small to medium enterprises have never been greater. Forward-looking SMEs are spending big on tech solutions to help reduce costs and increase productivity. However, conference call facilities, one of the most commonly used tech solutions, are often overlooked, due to perceived costs or simply because business owners aren’t aware that better alternatives are available.

While a small business’s cashflow can be a constant juggling act, this shouldn’t prevent a company from seizing opportunities to grow their business beyond their own backyard.

For SMEs, travel is a vital component to sustaining the business; however, constant travel can be a significant drain on time, work-life balance, and can also be quite costly. SMEs need a way to take advantage of interstate opportunities while saving time and money.

Reducing overhead costs with minimal disruption to your team

Most business owners would agree that a strong team dynamic and an openness to collaboration are key ingredients to success. For companies that want the best ideas and brightest people from around the country, this often involves recruiting from a national or international talent pool, having various team meetings and coming together for brainstorms.

While these activities can benefit from being face-to-face conversations, it’s not always possible for everyone to be in the same room. Video conferencing can help ease this pain point, but only if it works seamlessly – otherwise your team gets stuck in a feedback loop of IT issues. The latest developments in video conferencing are a far cry from the delayed, out of sync and tech issue-riddled connections of the past. It is now possible for video conference calls to effectively and efficiently facilitate teamwork and collaboration, reduce overhead costs and give teams time back to work productively towards business goals.

The evolution of relationship building

The value of networking with potential clients, investors and other industry connections cannot be overstated – you never know where the next opportunity to grow your business lies. However, there is a constant balancing act between fostering these relationships with the realities of cashflow in a small business.

In the past, frequent business travel to attend the face-to-face meetings, conferences and presentations that are essential to any company was the only solution available. Even for successful SMEs, this can put a huge dent in company finances, most of which tend to run lean.

Incorporating video conference calls as a standard business practice is an effective way to put in face time with key external stakeholders while dramatically reducing commercial travel costs and streamlining business processes. The premium quality of audio-visual technology today enables participants to pick up the nuances in body language and expression, providing small businesses with necessary clarity when navigating professional relationships, without having to occupy the same physical space.

The need for best-in-class video conferencing

Companies can reap great rewards from leveraging the scale and capabilities of high-quality teleconferencing solutions, and this is certainly true of savvy SMEs looking for ways to secure more value from their tech. SMEs should consider integrating these solutions into their everyday to alleviate financial pressures and allow for more time and resources to be dedicated to strengthening the business.

Mark Hansen, Chief Information Officer, Dexus

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